5 experts share ideas on how to work effectively with SMEs

work effective with smes

The most challenging relationships in your elearning team will no doubt be with your busy Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Here are five articles with some great ideas to help you better manage your working relationships with SMEs.

Shauna LeBlanc Vaughan: Words matter: 3 words to avoid when consulting with Subject Matter Experts


When consulting with Subject Matter Experts, it’s best not to use words like “you”, “no” and “problem/issue”. Instead, try using more positive and productive dialog in your communications. In this article, Shauna provides some alternatives words and explains how they can improve the elearning your team is creating.

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Christopher Pappas: Working with Subject Matter Experts: The ultimate guide


In this article,  Christopher Pappas shares several key points on how to build a respectful working relationship with SMEs. Applying a few of his tips will help facilitate your elearning design and development process. He also discusses why he believes “Active Listening” is the number one skill required to work smoothly with SMEs.

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Brent Schlenker: Subject Matter Experts: The heroes of the training world

Brent Schlenker

The perfect learning ecosystem involves a strong relationship between learning professionals, SMEs, and learners. In this article, Brent explains why your success as an elearning developer is tied directly to the SMEs willingness and ability to share what they know. Therefore, take the time to engage, interact and build that relationship early on.

Learn more about why Brent thinks SME’s are the heroes of the training world

Steve Penfold: Poor management of Subject Matter Experts is slowing down your elearning production process

5 experts share ideas on how to work effectively with SMEs

In this article, Steve Penfold shows you how to manage SMEs so you never miss another deadline.

Learn how to better manage your SMEs

Li Whybrow: Are Subject Matter Experts Slowing Down Your Elearning Production Process?

5 experts share ideas on how to work effectively with SMEs

Are your Subject Matter Experts slowing you down? In this article, Li shares ideas on how to speed up projects by involving SMEs throughout the entire elearning development process.

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Steve Penfold

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Steve Penfold

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