Elearning Inspiration: “The Waste Challenge” Uses Polling To Engage Learners

We love food but hate waste. How waste aware are you? This course uses Elucidat’s Layout Designer and polling features to promote engagement in ‘waste awareness’.

The Waste Challenge demonstrates how public polling can be used in learning to compare our own perspectives with others.

Click here to visit The Waste Challenge






Click here to visit The Waste Challenge

Why we like it

  • Uses polling to compare your answers with a public vote.
  • Polling results are presented in visually different ways.
  • Additional information supports the feedback given after each question in the form of a video and ‘did you know’ fact.
  • Feedback sits on a ‘full bleed’ background image which is used to support the key message.
  • Learners are given a final score and directed to further learning opportunities.
  • Uses Elucidat’s Layout Designer to create interesting and varied interactions.

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