Integrity Inc


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Little Rock, Arkansas

The Company

Integrity Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides alternative, community-based support services for adults and children with developmental disabilities, including healthcare, personal care and supported employment.

The company is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with over 525 staff spread across the Central Arkansas area.

“Now, I can create an entire training course in a day, with slides, audio and embedded test questions – something that used to take me a week.”

Susie Walton, Associate of Learning, Integrity Inc.

The Challenge

  • As a nonprofit, Integrity Inc. is always looking for opportunities to reduce operating costs and improve client care.
  • The company’s training program was entirely manual and labor-intensive to maintain, and distributing printed materials across 500+ geographically scattered staff was frustratingly inefficient.
  • Worse, few staff were putting the material into practice. Susie Walton, Integrity’s Associate of Learning, needed an online option that would make it easier to create, distribute and assess training.
  • She also needed a solution that would empower her to cater to varying levels of literacy and differing learning styles using audio and video content.


The Solution

  • Using Elucidat, Susie was able to quickly and easily convert Integrity Inc.’s paper training programs into media-rich modules.
  • She was also able to contact all 500+ of Integrity Inc.’s staff and get them into the training in less than 30 days, unprecedented for the company.
  • Thanks to Elucidat’s easy-to-use authoring platform, Susie can now put together comprehensive training modules in a single day – something that used to take her a full week.


The Results

  • Since implementing Elucidat, Integrity Inc. has increased their training efficiency by over 95% and realized over $60,000 in savings.
  • That budget can now be put into direct client care.
  • The drastic reduction in time required to create, deploy and update training has empowered Integrity Inc. to respond rapidly to changes in the industry and keep their training current.
  • And because Susie can structure her training in Elucidat to only progress to a new lesson when staff have completed their required training, she can be certain Integrity’s people are getting the knowledge they need.
  • Best of all, clients continue to report a tremendous increase in staff implementing the training they’ve received, especially in the company’s “Personal Care Assistant” program.