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This is a story of relatively small beginnings, that has led to 200+ employees embracing elearning authoring for themselves. It began with a common challenge: how a Talent Development team of two can roll out new technical process training to thosands of employees in labs around the world? The answer: go for a collaborative learning platform that can truly partner with you. Elucidat and it’s Learning Consultants helped build confidence and competence in elearning design, that evolved into a self-sustaining global authoring community producing essential training for an organisation where quality really matters.

Luz Hoyos-Rossier

“Partnering with Elucidat experts was the best investment SGS could make. It allowed our team to discover the “digital learning designers” in them. The partnership allowed them to create and deliver with speed and increased their confidence to create the next batch of modules! Thank you Elucidat team.”

Luz Hoyos-Rossier Global Head of Talent Development

SGS employees doing a quality check in an industrial setting
Subject Expert Authors



SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They’re one of the largest too, with more than 89,000 employees and a network of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.


As part of their commitment to quality, SGS continually improve the processes used in their laboratories, led by a select group of technical experts. The story began with a question – how to get those important process changes rolled out effectively to remote employees, and at the speed of need?


Find out how their partnership with Elucidat alleviated pressure on their learning department – building confidence in the group of technical experts to create great elearning for themselves. From there? Fast forward to a global authoring community of 200+ in-house authors. SGS is a success story of an organization with super-high standards producing effective in-house training at scale.

The Challenge – A Need to Keep Up


How do you get a team of 10 experts in process management to update thosands of employees on important process changes, effectively and regularly?


This is where the SGS and Elucidat story began when it became clear that scalable elearning was the answer. They needed an authoring platform that was easy to use and easy to update.


But the SGS L&D team wanted to empower the technical experts to create quality elearning for themselves, especially since the processes they oversee change regularly. Being total novices in online learning design, the question was – how to set them up for success. Sometimes it takes a little more than a platform.


And so began their partnership with Elucidat and the Learning Consultancy Team…

The Solution – Enablement from Elucidat’s Learning Consultancy Team


With years of cutting-edge experience in elearning design and best practice, it made sense for SGS to partner with Elucidat’s Learning Consultancy Team to design a Tailored Template that could be easily used by the subject experts.


This gave the technical experts at SGS a pre-built template designed specifically for their technical process content, with expert learning design baked in. All 10 experts used this template; reducing their learning curve, and ensuring all of their elearning projects were consistent and engaging.


“Thank you all for combining your talents and expertise to make this first phase so smooth, speedy and professional. The templates look awesome and you have delivered so quickly. I will be pleased to share with the team today.” 


As a follow-up, the Elucidat team then carried out Project Reviews on the first draft of each of the 10 experts’ projects. These 1-2-1 reviews meant each expert received specific support for their content and confidence level, and also enabled both parties to ensure quality and consistency across the board.


“The experience from the SGS team on the project reviews was very positive. They were highly satisfied with the detailed feedback, proposed alternatives and expert guidance offered by the Elucidat team both from an instructional design perspective as well as from a technical one, always keeping the learner at the center.” – Luz Hoyos-Rossier

An SGS Lab image showing lab workers reviewing an experiment

The Outcome – A Thriving in-house Authoring Community


In just 7 weeks the SGS team had 10 professional, consistent elearning modules ready for user acceptance testing. And the effects were wider-reaching than just this project. The 10 technical experts were confident, ready to move on to creating the next set of modules in their process training curriculum. They have built their skills to a level where they are now able to peer review work and share best practice to support each other, creating an evolving author community.


Fast forward four years, and SGS have a thriving elearning authoring community of around 250 authors. Their designs and template suites have, of course, evolved and many SGS teams around the world now produce elearning themselves, for a range of essential needs.


“Partnering with Elucidat experts was the best investment SGS could make. It allowed our team to discover the “digital learning designers” in them. The partnership allowed them to create and deliver with speed and increased their confidence to create the next batch of modules! Thank you Elucidat
– Luz Hoyos-Rossier

In Summary


To meet essential training needs, SGS embarked across a model that is now trending across many global organizations: collaborative, ground-up authoring where in-house experts create elearning directly. But, they made sure they put quality standards in place from the off  through Elucidat’s Learning Consultancy Team.


  • Upfront training: Partnering with Elucidat’s Learning Consultancy Team meant the team set off their journey with standards and know-how
  • Templates: Investing in ready-made elearning templates is a sensible step for high-scale production – SGS opted to create bespoke ones
  • Novice author community: SGS now has a thriving community of 250 authors, across multiple teams, creating essential elearning. Anyone can do it!