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Struggling to keep pace with training demands and maintain consistency, US fintech giant, nCino, needed a change of approach. When word of mouth led them to Elucidat, they knew they had found a partner that would make this learning development transformation possible. They were soon able to remove the production bottleneck, empower SMEs to author content directly, and standardise their training like never before. From there, the only way is up!

Alex Barley from nCino

“ When we saw that Elucidat had rapid release and that we could create and develop wireframes ahead of time. It was almost like our questions had already been answered. ”

Alex Barley Manager of Learning Design

nCino headquarters
SME Authors
Global Learners
Courses in 7 months


A global leader in cloud banking, nCino has over 1200 employees across the world. nCino University aims to provide all these people – plus partners and customers – everything they need to achieve success. The Global Enablement Team aim to enable learners to enhance their careers through clean, concise, and consistent learning experiences. But, achieving this in a global business wasn’t easy, not with a learning team of two!


Watch the video to find out how Alex, now Manager of Learning Design, and his colleague Kippy Batuyios discovered Elucidat, and opened a world of collaborative development.

The Lowdown

The Challenge – The L&D Bottleneck


“That disjointed quality, and the amount of legwork to maintain SCORM files, were really the two biggest pain points that drew us towards Elucidat as our new solution.”  – Alex Barley


With stacks of content from across the organization, the management of nCino University was becoming tricky. Elearning maintenance and training requests were building up: minor updates were taking hours. The Global Enablement team were becoming a bottleneck, and this meant they just didn’t have time to maintain standards. Content was inconsistent, it often looked rushed, and sometimes it didn’t even look like it was nCino content.


A smarter solution was needed, that would bring efficiency and standards.

The Solution – Finding Elucidat!


If the University was going to remain a center of excellence, the team needed to enable subject matter experts (SMEs) from across the organization to produce quality learning experiences. They knew what they wanted to achieve, but they didn’t know what to do next. Until someone recommended Elucidat.


“Somebody [at the Docebo Inspire annual conference] just said, ‘hey, have you guys tried Elucidat?’…We didn’t know what we were looking for or the next step to fix those problems. But then we saw that [Elucidat] had rapid release and that we could create and develop wireframes ahead of time. It was almost like our questions had already been answered.”  – Alex Barley


Straight away the team began to feel the benefits from partnering with Elucidat. By setting up templates, with the help of the Elucidat Learning Consultancy Team, and configuring their brand style, they were soon able to produce elearning that established consistent best practice. Further more, they were able to bring in novice authors (Subject Matter Experts or SMEs) to create content directly…

The Outcome – Hello SMEs; Bye Bye Bottleneck


Using Elucidat allowed the team to focus on establishing best practices. From staying on brand to creating effective learning experiences, a selection of ready-to-go wireframe templates and centralized assets meant that content specialists could power-up production and focus on the learning content itself.


“We focus on what we call the 80 percent: the standards, different enablement initiatives, best practices and the way to develop training. And then the [content specialist] team gets to follow those parameters and build content. And due to that, we’ve been able to create a ton of scalable content in a relatively short amount of time.”  – Alex Barley


Rather than just being a source of information, in-house Subject Matter Expects (SMEs) started to create high-quality elearning for themselves. Using the templates Alex set up with Elucidat’s Learning Consultancy Team as part of a streamlined process meant super-fast authoring was possible.


Over a 7 month period, a team of 2 authors was able to develop 70 courses for nCino’s LMS, centered around product-focused training .


“Giving more of the instructional designers and content developers the keys to the tool. Letting them know we’ve set the standard now. Everyone’s up to speed. We review at the very end, but really let them build the wireframe how they want…That is our new frontier.”Alex Barley


Overcoming the bottleneck opened the team up to think outside the box, and take things further.


“Elucidat solves far more problems than we had initially thought that we would use it for. Which is a really cool thing…[For example] we’ve been able to use different releases, specifically the password protected online link for an onboarding checklist…They can basically save [it] in their browser as a bookmarks tab for their first couple of weeks of onboarding. It’s been a surprise benefit of Elucidat.”  – Alex Barley


They are now translating their Elucidat courses and setting the bar higher for what they can achieve.

screenshot of an nCino elearning template
An nCino elearning template

In summary


By partnering with Elucidat, nCino transformed their elearning content development into a highly efficient process that not only enabled the central team to overcome their bottleneck and streamline their production, but empowered them to open the doors to SMEs to author directly.


  • Collaborative authoring: Opting for a cloud-based elearning authoring platform like Elucidat empowered nCino to embrace SME authoring
  • Online release – Being able to publish courses directly as online links meant they could roll out onboarding to new hires before their start date
  • Setting up templates – Setting up best-practice templates and branding, was key for quality control and ramping up production efficiency


Want to know more about how nCino set up templates for SMEs to author into? Explore this Spotlight Story shared by nCino elearning designer, Olivia Cunningham.