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We’ve bottled tipsadvice, and inspirational demos from our network of experienced learning consultants, and created a host of Masterclass topics so you can supercharge your online learning.

Our free Masterclass features an array of topics that guide you through how to increase the effectiveness of your elearning designs in key areas.

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Short, practical topics designed to be used how you want, when you want, on any device you want.

  • Project needs a boost? Dip-in.
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Learn from experts

Each one is created by learning consultant who offers tips, tricks and insights based on their 10+ years experience in digital and blended learning design and production.

Learn how to write compelling content, use polls to boost learning impact, create personalized learning journeys, use scrolling page designs effectively, and how to really QA.

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Be inspired by examples

Each 2-3 min topic is packed with examples and demos as guides and inspiration for your designs.

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Quick learning – faster production

Like what you see? You can have the templates…

You’ll not only be able to apply what you learn from a topic to your projects, but we’ll gift you any related Elucidat templates to use in your account, for free.

We’ll also link through to related support guides and videos to show you how you can do it for yourself.

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With new topics added every month, Masterclass HQ is a great way to keep on top of trends in modern learning design.

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