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The 5C framework for successful digital learning

5C framework

Capture – start with a clear plan

The first step of the 5C Framework helps you to shape the problem, so that you can shape your solution. To set your project up for success you need a plan, right from the outset, that gives clarity on:

  • Your audience’s needs
  • The desired outcomes for your project
  • Potential barriers and how to overcome them
  • The resources at your disposal


Conceptualize – lead with a prototype

The next step in the 5C Framework is to turn what you know about your audience’s needs into a vision for an effective and engaging piece of learning. You’ll need to:

  • Explore and test the big ideas before getting into the detail
  • Map your content to your big idea
  • Create a rapid prototype to test the look, flow and approaches your learning experience will use
  • Align your team behind a shared vision.


Create – build with confidence

Only once you’re armed with a plan and clear design concept should you start building your project in your authoring platform. For a streamlined, efficient development process:

  • Get visual styles in place from the start
  • Test out your concept with a short section of content first
  • Collaborate smartly with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Be clear on your testing process so you can launch with confi


Cultivate – improve and refine

The fourth ‘C’ is a game changer. The best learning professionals are using data to improve projects and inform future strategy: this guide will show you how.  

  • Tap into data dashboards to identify where your content could be tweaked to improve engagement
  • Track wider audience trends to inform your digital learning strategy
  • Balance data about learners with those all-important business KPIs


Commercialize – deliver better ROI

The final C is all about making sure your product works for your business. This is key whether you are taking your product to market or simply keen to improve the ROI of digital learning. To deliver the goods, consider:

  • How to increase the reach of your digital learning products
  • Design products that will sell
  • Potential new revenue opportunities
  • How to increase the value of existing products
  • How you can streamline workflows to increase speed to market

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