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Templates by Elucidat

Scale production with templates

Elucidat’s template workflow is like adding a learning design expert to your team. You won’t find it around the water cooler, but it will do the heavy lifting for you.

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Accelerate course creation

Speed up your elearning production by opting for templates that already have the design, thinking, and layouts in place and are ready-styled in your brand.

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Produce more elearning

With guidance around which template to use and easy-to-follow tips, you can share the load and remove the barrier to producing content.

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Unleash your teams potential

From microlearning and quick quizzes to games and branching scenarios, there are templates designed for all styles of digital learning.

Start from pre-built course templates

Let Elucidat do the hard work by automatically recommending the best template for your project based on your goals and needs.

Learning Accelerator personalized elearning templates
Learning Accelerator Pre-built templates in Elucidat

Learning design advice baked in

Each template contains tips and pointers to help you produce something impactful. Find a template for every occasion; choose from 25+ expert-designed templates covering all types of elearning.

Examples of templates in action

Get inspiration for your next project from high-quality examples created using a template. Each template comes with a collaborative storyboard and guidance for how to plan your project.

Learning Accelerator Downloadable elearning storyboard templates


Get answers to the important questions about Templates.

For everyone! The Project templates are designed by our in-house Learning Designers so that any author can guarantee a quality learning experience.

You can create training up to 4X faster than before. Scale up production and achieve a quicker speed to training impact.

No. Templates come standard with all of our plans. Just log in and enjoy the benefits from the get-go.

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