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Advanced User Management

Match your team requirements

Advanced User Management allows you to fully customize your team’s permissions within your account. Easily manage teams with multi-edit options and custom user roles. Dive into 30+ permission settings to tailor the experience for your users.

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Multiple people

Recreate real-life workflows

Choose between a number of different User Roles to ensure their access matches their real-life role.

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Admin made simple

Manage all current users from a centralized space and make admin fatigue a thing of the past.


Secure access

Quickly give or take away access from anyone in your account to ensure security.

Complete customization

Recreate your real-life workflows in your authoring platform with user roles that reflect your organization.

Edit the permissions of Elucidat’s standard user roles or create your own to give your team the right access for their job.

An image of the User Roles area within Elucidat.
An image showing a user being added into the User Roles area within Elucidat.

Spend less time on admin

With options to add, edit, and remove multiple users at once, your authoring platform can now move at the same pace as your business.

Bring in stakeholders and add them to your Elucidat account – all in just a few clicks.

For any team structure

Whether you’re embracing classic hierarchies or working within unique team structures, Advanced User Management can replicate it.

Create Departments and ensure each team has the precise access they need — and no more.

An image of the Departments area within Elucidat.


Get answers to the important questions about Advanced User Management.

Yes, you can start exploring Elucidat’s full range of features with a 2-week free trial. This trial offers you a hands-on opportunity to experience how Elucidat can help you deliver impactful and scalable learning experiences. Just book a demo to get started.

It’s for enterprise teams that want to have access to granular editing of the permissions available in the default roles or want to create their own bespoke roles.

You can create specific user permissions based on real-life departments and avoid the need to shoehorn users in user types that don’t reflect their position.

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