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AI-powered course creation

Impact-assured authoring

Artificial Intelligence in Elucidat leverages learning design best practices,
and when combined with Elucidat’s existing production guardrails,
Learning & Development teams can be confident that AI will support them
– but not at the expense of quality or impact.

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Open your content to a global audience with seamless translation into 75 languages.

Generate using AI

Create using AI

Transform your content effortlessly into a course with Elucidat’s cutting-edge AI.

Enhance with AI

Generate course intros

Enhance your content with AI-crafted intros that grab attention from the get-go.

Generate course summaries with AI

Generate course summaries

Generate crisp and impactful course summaries to improve understanding and retention.

Create knowledge checks

Create knowledge checks

Automatically generate knowledge checks, making learning assessments a breeze.

Source images with AI

Source images (coming soon)

Let AI work its magic to find the perfect images to enrich and uplift your course content.

Ensure content quality

Content generated by Elucidat’s AI has been shaped by learning design principles. You can also leverage the power of Elucidat’s existing guardrails to ensure quality doesn’t drop.

AI Elucidat Create get started screen copy
AI create with AI in Elucidat

Create impactful content faster

Say goodbye to slow and inefficient course creation. With Elucidat’s robust AI course creator, instantly convert your existing content or generate a course from scratch. All within a few clicks.

Enhance your content

Get the most out of your elearning with AI that generates interesting openings, clear summaries that simplify hard concepts, and engaging knowledge checks to confirm learning.

AI enhance with AI with Elucidat


Learn more about Elucidat AI.

No. While the AI feature is available to all Elucidat customers, we chose to have this feature off by default. To turn it on, simply speak with our Support team.

Whenever we work with AI we will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), customer confidential information, and Elucidat confidential information, and we will ensure it is never shared back to any publicly accessible learning models.

We will always exercise care when utilizing AI-generated information and ensure that any work that is created with AI assistance is to the high standard that our customers would expect.

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