Create, manage and scale your elearning

Everything your business needs to manage elearning production for global audiences in one cloud-based authoring platform.

Create High Quality Elearning

Create digital learning experiences that engage modern learners

Powerful Interactions

Engage your audience using powerful interactions such as social polling, gamification and branching. Hook your learners in and keep them coming back for more with personalized microlearning.

Brand and Style

Control and update styles and branding of multiple courses, all from one dashboard.

Customizable Layouts

Bring amazing, responsive designs to life using Elucidat’s WYSIWYG interface and Layout Designer.

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Someone emailed us to say our course was actually sexy. Clearly, this tool is a level above!

- Paul Bird, Learning Technologies Manager at National Trust

Deliver Elearning at Scale

Meet the needs of complex global audiences

Mass Updates

Roll out updates and changes across hundreds of versions of content – all from one place, in just seconds.

Manage Variations

Make white-labelling and managing localized content hassle-free by creating, tracking and updating different versions effortlessly.

Rapid Translation

Quickly create and publish multi-language versions for translated content. Use analytics to see regional differences in your content’s performance.


As we scale up our production and increase our speed to market, the ROI we get from Elucidat just keeps getting better.

- Jim Packard, Digital Product Manager at Franklin Covey

Speed Up Processes

Use smart, collaborative processes to produce great learning content efficiently.

Collaborative Authoring and Review

Save time by reviewing and working together within the Elucidat platform.

Test, Analyze, Iterate

Use Elucidat’s powerful analytics to test concepts, analyze performance and gain insights to inform improvements and future content.

Asset Management

Manage your images, video, audio, fonts and captions centrally to ensure resources are always at hand and up-to-date.


Elucidat has enabled us to create high quality interactive elearning content in-house, saving us over 50% in production time and cost compared to using an external partner.

- Michelle Barton, Learning & Development Partner at Connect Group PLC

All The Features You NeedWith An Infrastructure You Can Trust

Super Fast Hosting

We use industry-leading CDNs and the best hosting available to deliver content to your learners quickly.

HTML5 Output

Modern, fast-to-load HTML5 ensures that your learning content is compatible with a range of devices, from mobile through to desktop.

Fully Responsive

Elucidat allows you to design, create and QA layouts across any device.

Browser Support

We support all the latest phones, tablets and browsers (including Internet Explorer 11).


Elucidat content can be designed to meet Accessibility standards likes section 508 when you follow our best practice guidelines.

Native App Compatible

Several of our clients are using Elucidat within Native Apps to deliver personalized learning experiences. Contact us to discuss how we can help you do the same.

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Deliver real-life impact with your elearning

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