Produce high quality elearning at scale

Deliver real-life impact using Elucidat's authoring platform

More effective elearning…

Manage your brand across thousands of project variations. Quickly customize and combine your library of tried and tested templates to make high-impact elearning, every time.


Role-based features to support your entire organization, from content producers to subject matter experts and stakeholders. Anyone can contribute, review or author elearning at any time.

for more people.

Translate projects and control multiple project updates at the click of a button. Then, measure the impact you’re having with our unrivaled analytics suite.


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Create high-quality elearning with exceptional results

Your team will author quality elearning you can be proud of, every time.

Control your brand

Use one dashboard to control and update your brand styles across multiple courses.

Get creative

Choose from a large library of tried and tested interactions and use them in thousands of combinations

Use expert support

You’ll have access to in-app live support and expert toolkits to ensure your elearning is high quality.

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Speed up production by working smarter

Use streamlined processes and tools to help your stakeholders work together more effectively.

For Team Leaders

Manage author and team permissions, view analytics, oversee review processes, keep project folders organized and foster a community of practice.


For Designers

Build and share new layouts and branded templates across your organization.


For SMEs

Use a visual editor to create and adapt pages and access a range of ready-made interactions to speed up production.


For Reviewers

Include everyone in the creative process by managing a QA process and getting stakeholders to review and give feedback within Elucidat.

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Get ready to scale

Maximize your impact with features that support the needs of a large organization

elucidat authoring tool features for scale

1. Localize content

Create multi-language and localized versions of your elearning. Use variations manager to add, track and update different versions of your localized content effortlessly.

2. Manage assets 

Manage your images, video, audio, fonts and captions in one place with the media library. Your resources will always be at hand and up-to-date.

3. Publish easily

Use our rapid release tool to release projects to your LMS, LRS, Elucidat Learning Launchpad, or the web simultaneously.

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Measure the impact

Measure the real-life impact you’re having with our best-in-class analytics

elucidat analytics dashboards

1. Identify trends

Find out how your audience is engaging and discover what devices they’re using. Track global trends for adoption and usage, and check for drop-offs in engagement.

2. Get user reports

Discover details of your user engagement by looking at patterns in your data that go 10 steps further than your LMS.

3. Analyze by page

See how your questions are being answered and spot content issues or organizational knowledge gaps.

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“As we scale up our production and increase our speed to market, the ROI we get from Elucidat just keeps getting better.”

Jim Packard, Product Manager at Franklin Covey


Start delivering more successful elearning, at scale.

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