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Seamlessly track your elearning

Elucidat content is fully SCORM-compliant, ensuring seamless integration with your Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Experience Platform (LXP), and can also be configured with xAPI for even deeper levels of learner insight.

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SCORM-compliant elearning

Ensure content works seamlessly across all SCORM-compliant platforms.

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LMS/LXP ready

Effortlessly integrate content with any LMS or LXP for easy content delivery.

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Easy content updates

Update content at the click of a button. No more SCORM zip downloads and re-uploads required.

Deploy to any LMS or LXP

Elucidat ensures seamless content integration with your LMS or LXP. This compatibility simplifies content management and enhances delivery across diverse environments.

SCORM - Integrate your elearning with any LMS
SCORM - Track the progress of your course

Detailed learner insights

Capture detailed learner analytics inside Elucidat beyond traditional LMS data. xAPI provides deep analytics on learner interactions, enabling personalized paths and improved content effectiveness.

Course updates in a flash

Found a typo? Need to update content? With Elucidat, you can update your elearning at the click of a button (even if it’s in an LMS). No more re-uploading of SCORM zip packages required; Elucidat makes it simple.

SCORM - Release and update courses to your LMS easily


Get answers to the important questions about SCORM & xAPI.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) ensures elearning content can be shared and operated across all compliant LMS platforms, guaranteeing interoperability.

xAPI (Experience API) goes beyond SCORM by tracking learning experiences in various settings, not limited to LMSs. It captures detailed data on learner interactions, offering insights for personalized learning experiences.

Yes, Elucidat is designed for broad compatibility with SCORM-compliant LMSs and LXPs and has direct integrations with platforms like Docebo, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, and Rise Up, ensuring smooth content creation and management.

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