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Everything you need to drive down your cost to train. Produce easily and super fast!

Produce elearning easily

Making it easy for anyone to produce awesome elearning, super fast.

Easy authoring

Templates by us

Use Learning Accelerator to start your project from an expert-designed template. Each template comes with a downloadable storyboard, a live example and in-line guidance.

Templates by you

Use Guided Authoring to create company-specific templates and help your authors to get started with ease and create courses that adhere to your standards.

Project structuring

Add, duplicate and move the pages in your project quickly and easily. Set or update page types and get a clear view of the structure of your course.

Intuitive interface

See all your changes as you make them with the easy-to-use “what you see is what you get” editor when adding content and customizing page layouts.

Multi-device friendly

Elucidat projects are responsive from the start. Use the multi-device slider to check how your content will look on different screen sizes. Then, hide, show, change, resize or reposition media and images for different devices.

Customizable page layouts

Create fully tailored page layouts for your projects with limitless possibilities. The WYSIWYG interface makes it easy to create and save custom page templates.

Easily reuse projects

Easily duplicate and share your best projects with your team to maximize reuse and production efficiencies.

Brand control

Stay on brand

With Guided Authoring, you can ensure that you always stay on brand by creating company-approved templates that will automatically apply your company’s branding.

Customizable styles

Save formatting preferences such as colors, fonts and logos as Styles. Create as many as you need and apply them across projects to ensure consistency. 

Set logos

Upload your logo, to display when you add a logo placeholder within your projects.

Font options

Choose from a selection of several hundred Google fonts or upload your own brand fonts to use across your projects.


Select from a variety of icons, using three different styles.

Engaging content

Content personalization

Personalize the learning experience. Pull in things such as the learner’s name, their score, time remaining and more to personalize the content for each user.

Branching content

Create personalized pathways through your content based on user actions using Rules. For example, show different content depending on how they answered a question.


Add interactive Hotspots to open popup windows containing information and media. You can add these to images or launch them using buttons, text cards and image cards.

Flip card sets

Create a stack of flashcards that flip to reveal information and media.


Create interactive buttons, text cards and image cards. Set them to open popups or take your learner to another page or external link.


Add pop-up tips to your content to give users extra information if they need it.

Audio and video embed

Add multimedia to your courses. You can upload video or audio files, embedding from services like Youtube and Brightcove.

Page transitions 

Use animated effects such as ‘Fade,’ ‘Pulse,’ ‘Flip’ and more to transition between pages.

Animate items

Add animation effects such as ‘bounce,’ ‘flash,’ ‘pulse,’ ‘fade’ and more to Text and Media.

Learner resources in one place 

Upload supporting learner resources into your course and allow learners to access and download them at the click of a button.

Quizzes and Assessments

Question pools

Create groups of question pages and display a random selection for each learner. This improves knowledge retention, as learners will see a fresh quiz each time. Question pools keep learners on their toes by serving up a unique combination of questions.

Require a passing score

Set a score that learners need to achieve in order to pass the course. Ensure scores and pass marks pass to your LMS or LRS.

Quiz results

Show learners their results using an automatically generated Score Summary or a simple text Clip to display information such as the user’s score in any text box.

Lesson badges

Give different types of feedback beyond simple pass/fail. Choose to award badges or assign red flags depending on the learner’s actions.


Create Section 508 compliant elearning

Elucidat enables the production of elearning that meets Section 508 Accessibility standards.

Keyboard-accessible navigation

Elucidat supports Section 508 in the US and the Equality Act in the UK. Released courses can be used with JAWS screen reader, Window Eyes and OS X Voiceover.

Accessibility-led design

We are committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone and
applying the relevant accessibility standards in all-new functionality.

Teamwork on a global scale

Turn your L&D team into a center of excellence. Crowdsource expertise from across your organization, without risking quality.

User management & collaboration

User roles

Give users different levels of access to your account based on their role. Use the standard Elucidat user roles and assign multiple roles per user to provide them specific permissions.

Author control panel

Add, manage and remove Authors from your account.

Departments for teams

Keep projects organized by using Departments and creating Folders within them. Manage access to Departments so team members can access the content that’s relevant to them.

Edit user roles

With our Advanced User Management functionality, you can customize the standard Elucidat user roles to perfectly match your requirements by changing the specific permissions available within each one.

Create your own roles

Go one step further with Advanced User Management and create your very own user roles to match your team structure.

Review tool

Invite anyone to leave comments on your project. Conduct thorough reviews and capture feedback directly in Elucidat to improve content quality.

Comment audit trail

Review all open and resolved comments on the dedicated Review page.

Content Management

Asset library

Manage your image, video, audio and closed captions all in one place. Create folders, add descriptions to files, delete outdated assets and upload multiple assets at once.

Mass content updates

Mass replace an asset across every Project it’s been used in, helping you keep content up to date without having to go through every project one-by-one.

Keep pace with change and regional needs

Increase your L&D team’s reach. React quickly to deliver up-to-date training faster than ever. All while reducing your costs to train.

Publishing & Integrations

SCORM release

The SCORM for LMS and Backup SCORM release modes will create a SCORM zip file. You can upload this directly into any SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS).

URL release

No LMS? No problem. The Online Link release mode will generate a unique URL. Share this with your team and learners, allowing them to access your course via any browser. You can even track learners using our self-registration feature.


Update courses that are already live on your LMS without needing to re-upload your SCORM file. This is a huge time-saver!


Ask learners to register using their email address when using the Online Link release type. This lets you identify individual learners.

Tracking and reporting

Track which learners have started, completed and passed or failed each course in the Analytics Suite. Track SCORM releases from your LMS and Online Link releases using the Learner Identification feature.

Export courses for LRS

This function allows you to send information to an LRS using Tin Can/xAPI.


Manage translations

Translate content into any language, including right-to-left languages. Export and import translated content.

Single SCORM - multi-language

Release multiple translated projects into a single SCORM object.

Manage multi-language content

Use parent/child courses to manage courses in multiple languages

Parent/Child courses

Use a Parent Course as a template to create child projects or variations. This can be used for localization or delivering the same content for multiple brands.

Variations Manager

Create Projects from a “Parent” course and manage all Projects based on the same parent in one interface. Make updates to the Parent project which filter down to all child projects, saving time.

Author in multiple languages

The Elucidat platform is available in a range of languages so your global team can get involved in producing training.

Auto-Translate (COMING SOON)

Translate your elearning into one of 75 different languages. Save time and reach more learners with impactful content.

A platform you can trust

We are security obsessed. Our infrastructure team’s only priority is to ensure the platform is stable and your data is secure.


Secure hosting

We use industry-leading ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified hosting providers that offer the most reliable infrastructure around.


Elucidat uses advanced encryption protocols to ensure your data is secure. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit.


Use single sign-on for authors to access Elucidat. This will require your organization to already have single sign-on using SAML authentication.

Data protection

At Elucidat, safeguarding your data is at the forefront of everything we do. We have robust processes and practices in place to ensure security. We also fully adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Find out more in our Data Privacy Statement.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

We have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan in place and ensure that all data can be restored in a timely manner in case of disaster.

ISO 27001

Elucidat is ISO 27001 certified meaning that we are fully committed to securing and protecting your data.

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World-class support

Elucidat is intuitive, interactive and engaging. But above all else, the support on hand is incredible. Responsive, personable, timely, they will always have a solution for you, no matter what your query.” – G2 Crowd Review

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