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Everything your team needs from an authoring platform to create, measure and manage high-quality elearning at scale.

Admin controls

User roles

Give users different levels of access and permissions for features including Authoring, Layout Designer and Analytics.


Keep projects organized by using Departments and creating Folders within them. Manage access to Departments so team members can access the content that’s relevant to them.


Use single sign-on for authors to access Elucidat. This will require your organization to already have single sign-on using SAML authentication.

Author control panel

Add, manage and remove Authors from your account.

Brand control


Control the branding of all your projects by saving formatting preferences such as colors, fonts and logos. You can create multiple Styles and apply each one to as many projects as you like.


Upload your own logo, to be displayed wherever you add a Logo placeholder within the project.

Web fonts

Choose from a selection of several hundred Google fonts.

Custom fonts

Upload and use your own fonts across your projects.


Select from a variety of different icons, using three different Styles.



The ‘Trends’ page allows you to see details about how your whole course is performing. This includes the total number of learners, the completion rate, the location of learners, a breakdown of the devices used to access the course and the time spent on the course per session.

Time to author

See how much time has been spent authoring a specific project. This is an estimate that takes into account the average amount of time spent on all pages by all users, and the number of Saves made in that time.

How your questions were answered

See how specific pages are being answered in the course you are viewing.

Page progress

See how learners progressed through your course on a per page basis.

Your data

See detailed information about specific learners who have attempted your courses and a list of everything they did.

Collaboration & workflow

Comments tool

Leave feedback directly in the project, with comments linked to the part they refer to. Comments can be reviewed in the project or on the dedicated Review page, and marked as open or resolved.

Comment audit trail

Review all open and resolved comments on the dedicated Review page.


Add unlimited users to your account so you use the skills and expertise across your organization to produce digital learning.

Content management

Enhanced Media library

This is a centralized repository for all your account assets.

Manage all your assets in the same interface. Add descriptions to files, delete unneeded assets and upload multiple new assets at once.

The Media library also allows you to replace assets with a new one across all of the Projects it has been used in, keeping content up to date.

Image manager

Organize your images into folders and see which projects they are being used in. Any images that you add directly to projects will automatically be saved to your image library.

Video manager

Organize your videos into folders and see which projects they are being used in.

Any videos that you add directly to projects will automatically be saved to your library.

Audio manager

Organize your audio into folders and see which projects they are being used in. Any audio that you add directly to projects will automatically be saved to your library.

Closed Captions manager

Caption files added to videos will automatically be added to the Caption manager. This lets you organize caption files into folders, see which projects they are being used in and download them.


Master course

Use a Master Course as a template to create child Projects or Variations. This can be used for localization or branding purposes.

Variations manager

Create Projects from a Master course, and manage all Projects based on the same Master in one interface.

Authoring controls


See all your changes as you make them with the easy to use “what you see is what you get” interface in Author mode and Layout Designer.

'Get started' project builder

Create a new course with multiple pages in our quick three-step project builder.

Course duplication

Create duplicates of Projects.

Course gifting

Share copies of projects with different Elucidat accounts.

Default templates

Use predesigned page templates out of the box, or adapt them using Layout Designer.


A Part is an element that your page is built up from; for example, you can have a Video Part or a Text Part. Parts enable a modular way of working, so you can work quickly to build unique page types to meet your needs.

Attached resources

Import downloadable resources (PDFs, images, media, etc.) to a project and link them directly to course content, even reusing them across multiple courses.

Single course, responsive authoring

Projects are automatically formatted to work responsively so you can use a single project on multiple devices.

Live device preview

Preview how your project will look and behave for learners across different screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

Social polling

Capture and play back data to show learners how their answers compare to their peers’ using graphs and reports.


Personalize the learning experience by pulling in the learner’s name, score, previous text input and more into your content.

Layout designer

Create your own page layouts using an easy to use WYSIWYG interface, and save custom page templates.

Mobile responsive editor

Hide, show, change, resize or re-position media and images based on different screen sizes.

Page transitions

Use animated effects such as ‘Fade’, ‘Pulse’, ‘Flip’ and more to transition between pages.

Input boxes

Allow learners to give input in free text boxes. Responses are captured in Analytics and can be used as a Clip to display later in the course.


Add interactive Hotspots to open popup windows containing additional information and media. You can add these to images or launch them using buttons, text cards and image cards.

Flip Card Sets

Create a stack of flashcards that flip to reveal information and media.


Create interactive buttons, text cards and image cards instantly to either open popups with additional information or direct your learner to another page or external link.


Add a tooltip by highlighting any text for a mini pop-up tip.

Animate items

Add animation effects such as ‘bounce’, ‘flash’, ‘pulse’, ‘fade’ and more to Text and Media to make content more engaging.


Question pools

Create groups of question pages and display a random selection for each learner. This improves knowledge retention, as learners will be shown a fresh quiz each time, preventing them from simply learning the quiz rather than the content. Pools can also minimize cheating, as each learner will see a different quiz.

Require a Passing Score

Set a score that learners need to achieve before they can move to the next section.

Quiz results

Show learners their results using either an automatically generated Score Summary or a simple text Clip, which can display information such as the user’s score in any text box.

Lesson badges

Give different types of feedback beyond simple pass/fail. Choose to award badges or assign red flags depending on the learner’s actions.

360 feedback

Use our clips, branching and badges features to display layered feedback.


White label

Remove the Elucidat logo from the loading screen.

Discovery Center

Make your content more widely available, reaching audiences with multiple courses without LMS access.


Require learners to register using their email address when using the Online Link release type, allowing you to identify individual learners.

Tracking and Reporting

Track which learners have started, completed and passed or failed each course in the Analytics Suite. Track SCORM releases from your LMS, and Online Link releases using the Learner Identification feature.

Export Courses for Web

The Online Link release mode will generate a unique URL for you to share with your team and learners, allowing them to access your course instantly.

Export Courses for LMS

The SCORM for LMS and Backup SCORM release modes will create a SCORM zip file. This will be emailed to you and will be ready to upload directly into your Learning Management System (LMS).

Export Courses for LRS

This function allows you to send information to an LRS using xAPI.

Export Courses for API

The API integration release mode allows you to use our API to request a time-limited link to launch your course online. This mode is most suitable for customers without an LMS/LRS, but who still need to keep content secure. This mode requires your team to have coding skills.

Rapid Releasing

Update courses that are already live on your LMS without needing to re-upload your SCORM file.

Support & training

Live chat

Speak to the Elucidat support team directly using the in-app live chat.

Built-in training and tutorials

Guided walk throughs and in-app links to the help pages to support new and experienced authors.

Design tools

The 5Cs design framework will help you to plan, design, create, optimize and commercialize your online learning.

Ready-made demos

Get inspired and see examples of people-centered elearning created with Elucidat. Explore the design approaches and learning interactions used in these examples.

Video guides

Access how-to videos in the help center, within the app and on our Youtube channel.

Find Designer’s Cut videos in the blog, giving an in-depth look at how the Showcase demos are created.

Knowledge base

Access how-to guides and answers to your questions in the searchable help center.

Regular webinars

Join webinars and Q+A sessions led by the Elucidat team and guest experts to get an in-depth look at different features and elearning ideas.

Professional services

We offer a wide range of targeted coaching and consultancy services to help you build your skills and empower you to use Elucidat to deliver on your learning strategy.


Keyboard-Accessible Navigation

Elucidat fully satisfies Section 508 in the US and the Equality Act in the UK. Released courses can be used with JAWS screen reader, Window Eyes and OS X Voiceover.

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