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How to choose the ideal authoring tool?

Choosing an authoring tool to fit your needs can be intimidating, so we are here to help.

Check out how Elucidat works with our interactive demo and see how easy it is to create engaging elearning.

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Features designed for speed, ease, and scale

Empower anyone in your organization to produce high-impact digital learning – whether they’re new to elearning, a subject matter expert, or an experienced author.

Key features

Enhance with AI

Rapid authoring

Streamline & organize your projects, edit intuitively, capture screen and camera recordings, enhance your content with AI and transform your content into engaging elearning courses.

Generate using AI

Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate the creation of elearning and enhance content with Elucidat’s cutting-edge AI.

Multiple people

Advanced User Management

Customize your team’s permissions with 30+ options to tailor the experience for your users.

Best practice templates

Ready-made templates

Scale up production and create training up to 4X faster.

PowerPoint Import

PowerPoint Import

PowerPoint Import simplifies the transition from PowerPoint to dynamic elearning within Elucidat.

Generate course summaries with AI


Automatically translate content into 75 languages with a tailored glossary of terms.



Fully SCORM-compliant deploys to any LMS or LXP. xAPI captures detailed learner analytics.

LMS/LXP Sharing

LMS/LXP integration

Seamlessly connect Elucidat content with any SCORM-compliant LMS/LXP, or use direct integrations with Docebo, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, and Rise Up for in-LMS content creation.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

Elucidat is ISO 27001 certified, so you can be assured that we have the information security policies and procedures in place to protect your data.

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Create interactive content with badges and polls

Empower your L&D teams and SMEs

Elucidat enables your team to create, manage, and release compelling courses to any LMS.

Our authoring software allows you to deliver courses to 1,000+ learners on a global scale with ease.

Elearning trusted by global organizations

Why customers love Elucidat

G2 rating 4.5 out of 5

“The tool has been easily scalable across our organization and has been used by individuals of all skill levels.”

Jerry thorner
Jerry Thorner
Global Learning Systems Owner , 
G2 Review

“The UI is more intuitive than our previous software, and honestly just more fun to work within”

Robert Reynolds, Squarespace
Robert Reynolds
Senior Learning Specialst – G2 Review

“The review mode for the SMEs is great, Elucidat has done a great job. SMEs can add comments easily to help review learning content.”

beatrice cocchi
Beatrice Cocchi
Corporate HRM Learning Coordinator, 
Max Mara

“Elucidat is now our first choice as a course creation tool. And it’s changing the way we build our instructional design team”

Ben Digman
Ben Digman

“Partnering with Elucidat experts was the best investment SGS could make. It allowed our team to discover the “digital learning designers” in them.”

Luz Hoyos-Rossier
Luz Hoyos-Rossier
Global Head of Talent Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Elucidat is best for enterprise organizations that create vast amounts of elearning content. Tailored for the demands of large-scale operations, it’s perfect for companies aiming to train thousands of employees with impactful elearning.

While Elucidat excels in serving large enterprises, it may not align with the needs of smaller learning teams whose content creation needs are more modest. For those looking to produce content on a smaller scale, the robustness and breadth of Elucidat’s features might exceed your requirements.

Yes, Elucidat is designed for broad compatibility with SCORM-compliant LMSs and LXPs and has direct integrations with platforms like Docebo, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, and Rise Up, ensuring smooth content creation and management.

Elucidat goes beyond simple content creation. It’s not just about crafting high-quality, engaging elearning easily. With Elucidat, you benefit from support and coaching from a dedicated success team. No other authoring platform offers the same level of support and guidance. See us as your partner in success, rather than just a vendor.

Of course! Take a look at our latest reviews on G2.

Yes, you can start exploring Elucidat’s full range of features with a 2-week free trial. This trial offers you a hands-on opportunity to experience how Elucidat can help you deliver impactful and scalable learning experiences. Just book a demo to get started.

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