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Localization made easy

The Translations feature makes it super easy to create and manage localized versions of courses. You can create a single source project with many variations that can be translated into any language.

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Multi-language SCORM

House all course variations under a single SCORM file for easy updating.

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Hassle-free updating

Changes made to the parent course will automatically apply to all variations.

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Save time

Having all course variations in a centralized place allows you to manage them effortlessly.

Create and manage variations

Create a source version of your project and create many variations. Then manage and push updates across all variations seamlessly.

Translations - Create a variation of your elearning course
Translations Download specific element of your translated course

Translate and localize with ease 

Export a CSV or XLIFF file to translate your content, and then re-import to create your variations. If you make changes, simply export only the new content.

Multiple variations, single release

Release each language separately or create a multi-language course! Allow learners to select their preferred language. Choose which languages to include.

Translations - Create variations of your course and export into any language


Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can start exploring Elucidat’s full range of features with a 2-week free trial. This trial offers you a hands-on opportunity to experience how Elucidat can help you deliver impactful and scalable learning experiences. Just book a demo to get started.

The Translations feature is for any organization that produces elearning in different countries.

Seamlessly translate and localize content using CSV or XLIFF files, providing diverse language options for learners in single or multi-language courses. Additionally, you can utilize Auto-Translate for an even quicker translation process.

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