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Create, customize, apply

Effortlessly apply your brand template across multiple projects,
eliminating the need for manual adjustments each time.

Quick start

Quickly apply

Instantly apply your Brand Style to all your projects with a click of a button.

Get granular

Get granular

Access advanced settings to ensure your content aligns flawlessly with your brand.

Customizable styles

Always on brand

Ensure your users are always using the right style to ensure consistency.

Create beautiful content

Exceptional content sparks engagement. Wow your learners with content that dazzles and leaves a lasting impression.

Create beautiful content
Maintain a consistent brand and update all instances of an image quickly

On-brand, every time

Maintain a consistent visual identity that enhances brand recognition and employee engagement. 

Need to change a logo? No problem. Update once, updated everywhere.

Assign globally, tweak locally

Scale your brand effortlessly while tweaking individual elements as needed. Achieve global consistency with local flair.

Get granular with the various options available


Get answers to the important questions about Branding.

It’s for admins who want to ensure their brand is controlled centrally and is always high-quality.

Utilizing Branding ensures consistent branding across all company materials, which builds trust, loyalty, and enhances recognition among users.

No. Branding comes standard with all our plans, meaning you can immediately enjoy the benefits without additional costs.

Want to explore Branding?

Book a personalized demo to discover how you can create engaging,
on-brand elearning with Elucidat.