Elucidat FAQs

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Outcomes and Impact

Who are Elucidat’s clients?

Elucidat is used by hundreds of organizations around the world, from Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, to SAI Global, a leader in Compliance and Risk Training. Take a look at our Customer Stories or contact us if you’d like to speak to someone overcoming challenges like yours.

Can I read independent reviews of Elucidat?

Of course! Take a look at our latest reviews on Elearning Industry, G2Crowd and Capterra


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Are there examples of elearning created in Elucidat?

Yes! Take a look around our showcase of elearning examples. Looking for something specific? Just ask.

“We love the way Elucidat allows us to be more directly involved with projects. It’s a tremendous asset to make changes ourselves rather than risk incurring more costs and spending tons of time working through intermediaries to refine and perfect our materials.”

- Georgia Axtell-Powell, Online Project Producer at the Open University

The Platform

How is Elucidat different to other authoring tools?

Beyond the ability to create high-quality, engaging elearning content, with Elucidat you get measurable outcomes: smart workflows to scale up content production and reach bigger audiences, a collaborative approach to authoring, and unparalleled support and coaching from a team whose sole focus is client success. Request a demo to find out more.

Is Elucidat easy to use?

We are rated 5* for ease of use on Capterra. As with any sophisticated technology, there is a learning period while you get familiar with the tools. We offer a range of services to help you get up to speed quickly and achieve your goals.

Why use a cloud-based authoring platform?

Cloud-based authoring allows teams to author and review collaboratively online, always working on the latest version of content. You can manage and launch updates and multiple variations of content far quicker than with desktop tools. And, of course, you will always have the latest software updates and features with Elucidat.

How does Elucidat facilitate collaboration?

Elucidat allows authors to work together, simultaneously, on content. You can invite reviewers and SMEs to add comments directly to content within the platform, speeding up the production and review process. Elucidat is perfect for large teams, so our top plans come with high allowances of users to allow for collaboration at scale

Is Elucidat a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Elucidat is not an LMS. However, we do have clients who have used the combination of Elucidat’s URL release and our xAPI driven analytics to eliminate the need for an LMS. To find out more, speak to us.

Is Elucidat’s authoring tool SCORM compliant?

Yes, courses created in Elucidat are fully SCORM compliant. Our SCORM for LMS release mode also allows you to use our re-release feature, which means you can push updates straight into your LMS rather than uploading a new SCORM file.

Is Elucidat xAPI compliant?

Yes, Elucidat is xAPI (Tin Can) compliant. This feature allows you to send data to your LRS from Elucidat.

Does Elucidat support translation into multiple languages, including right to left?

You can translate your content into multiple languages from a Master Course in Elucidat, including right to left languages. This process is super fast and allows you to manage updates easily and track course analytics globally. Read more on translations in Elucidat.

Can I author in other languages?

The Elucidat platform is currently available in English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Dutch and Japanese. Want to author in a different language? Get in touch to see if we’re already working on it!

“With Elucidat you get something that will speed up the process of creating elearning at scale, while keeping quality up.”

- Charles Shields, ‎Head of Online Delivery at Youth Sport Trust

Security, Privacy and Accessibility

What are Elucidat’s authoring accessibility standards?

Elucidat supports Section 508 in the US and the Equality Act in the UK. Released courses can be used with JAWS screen reader, Window Eyes and OS X Voiceover. 

How secure is the Elucidat platform?

Elucidat has invested in the most up-to-date security infrastructure to give our clients peace of mind. You can find more details here.

Does Elucidat’s platform meet GDPR regulations?

On May 25, 2018, when GDPR enforcement begins, we are committed to full compliance. We already work to the highest privacy and data protection standards, and are fully compliant with existing laws.

“Elucidat is easy to use and has a very professional finish. My client, a novice author, has produced six fab modules from scratch in less than four months!”

- Rachel Lomas, My Learning Store

Getting started with Elucidat

How much does Elucidat cost?

Elucidat’s product plans are based on how many users, learners and elearning projects you have. As you grow, plans include features that will help you produce and manage elearning at scale. Request pricing here.

What constitutes a learner?

We count a learner as an identified individual. A learner may be identified by either your LMS or a different method.

So, a learner may return to Elucidat and take many courses over a certain period on many devices, but they’ll only count as one learner.

What coaching and support does Elucidat offer?

Our support team is on hand via live-chat and email to answer questions. We have extremely high rates of customer satisfaction – 97% of authors rate themselves ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with our responses.

You can also find step-by-step guides and videos in our support center.

You can access coaching and design services to take your learning to the next level, whether you’re a total beginner or seasoned learning designer. Find out more about our Professional Services.

And if you have any special support needs, just get in touch.

Can the Elucidat team create content for me?

No – but we do have extensive services to help your team create elearning that works. They extend from helping you design prototypes based on your needs to supporting you with learner-ready reviews. Learn more here.

So while we have coaching and design services, we are not a content creation agency. We can, however, recommend some brilliant agencies and freelancers who are experienced with working in Elucidat.