Produce elearning 4x faster

Elucidat's Learning Accelerator makes it easy for anyone to create great elearning quickly. Templates are recommended based on your project goals. Just follow the best practice guidelines and create something awesome.

Simple as that.

Start from pre-built templates.


Let Elucidat do the hard work

Elucidat will automatically recommend the best templates for your project based on your goals and needs.


Find a template for every occasion

Choose from 25+ expert-designed templates, covering all types of elearning.


Just add content.

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It’s a brilliant starting point for the new authors who don’t know what they don’t know… helping people to get beyond scratching the surface!

- Learning Manager

More power, more people

Learning Accelerator is like adding a learning design expert to your team. It won’t make you a coffee, but it will do the heavy lifting for you.

elearning blueprint guidance


Learning design advice baked in

Each template contains tips and pointers to help you produce something brilliant.


Examples of templates in action

Get inspiration for your next project from awesome elearning examples created with a template.


Downloadable storyboards

Each template comes with a collaborative storyboard and help for how to best plan your project.


I can’t wait to tell my team… It’s a “side by side” coach

- Learning Manager

Whatever your goal, we’ve got you covered!

You’re already halfway there. All you need is a Learning Accelerator template.

Take your face-to-face training online

Learning design guidance is built into each template to ensure best practices are followed and content isn’t simply copied over verbatim.

Get more people producing elearning

Learning Accelerator templates enable all levels of authors to choose the right place to start. Share the load and remove the barrier to producing content.

Stay compliant in ever changing times

Effective onboarding, ongoing compliance training and refreshing HR policies are more important than ever. Get a head start with our custom made templates.

You can get a course built and out in 20 minutes! And, it won’t be the usual boring stuff.

- Learning Manager

Check out these awesome examples built with templates!

This is just a taster of what you can produce super fast with Learning Accelerator. 

Quick onboarding

A one-page digital onboarding experience that aims to get new or redistributed staff up to speed – fast! – by focusing on the essentials.

Performance improvement

Improve a particular skill with five top tips and an action-focused plan to takeaway. Great for learning new skills or keeping up with business change.

In-depth process training

A step-by-step experience that breaks down a complex process into manageable chunks, explaining the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. Ideal  for onboarding or compliance training.

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