The Learning at Large Podcast

The podcast where global leaders discuss the challenges of delivering people-centered learning at scale. Join the host, Simon Greany, in discovering the strategies being used in some of the worlds most successful organizations to deliver transformative large scale learning programs.

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Building scalable microlearning journeys: 5 top takeaways (Ep12)

How do you manage vast microlearning libraries? And deliver microlearning journeys that have a genuine transformational impact? In episode 12 we look at the lessons learned from developing thousands of digital learning products with Treion Muller. Including localization challenges and how to overcome them, plus some tips for moving from classroom to online. Read on […]

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Embracing the challenge culture: 6 top takeaways (Ep11)

What are the secret ingredients for a healthy culture? How should you be designing compliance learning? What does a CEO look for in a successful L&D team? And finally… How can the challenge culture help transform your organization? We took a slightly different approach to Learning at Large this week, speaking with Nigel Travis, Executive […]

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Ep10: Socializing your learning design to support global audiences

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Tracy Tibedo, Director of Commercial Training at multinational biotech company Thermo Fisher Scientific. We take a dive into how to socialize learning design methodologies to get the support you need from your business, how to deploy learning across multiple languages and cultures, and how to spot exceptional learning […]

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Ep8: Supporting the learning demands of 2.5 million technical specialists

Today, I speak to Karen Hebert-Maccaro, Chief Learning Experience Officer at O’Reilly Media. Supporting over 2.5 million technical specialists worldwide, the complexity of what Karen manages is absolutely mind-blowing. This episode is useful to anyone who is looking for new ways to personalize learning at scale. About O’Reilly Media O’Reilly is a learning company that […]

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Ep6: How to make human-centered learning a reality

In this episode, Nick puts his theories into the context of an L&D leader, showing practical guidance on a bottom-up approach for delivering human-centered learning at scale, which types of learning experience will build better engagement, how to benchmark the effectiveness of your learning strategy, and finally, how to capture authentic stories on camera within […]

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Ep5: Using personal values to build high performing teams

Today, I talk to Tom Marsden, CEO of technology company Saberr. In this episode, we discuss the role personal values play, psychological safety, setting team norms, building an environment where people can tackle challenging issues, and how to trickle-down organizational values into something that is much more meaningful at a team level. This podcast is […]

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Ep4: Decentralizing L&D to support a successful learning culture

In this episode, I talk to Lars Hyland, Chief Learning Officer at Totara Learning. Lars is an advocate for the positive impact that technology can have on education and learning. We talked about how to demonstrate business value early on to control groups, identifying the right business problems to solve, knowing when to push back […]

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Ep3: Digital first learning strategies, at scale

In this episode of the Learning at Large podcast, I talk to Sam Taylor. A learning leader for nearly 20 years. Sam believes in putting the learner first and has found ways to achieve that scale by shifting the conversation from training to development. We talk about digital first learning strategies, how to build a […]

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Ep2: Using storytelling to make a million people take action

In this episode of the Learning at Large podcast, I talk to Daniel Hunter, Global Trainings Manager at We talked about the power of storytelling, speaking to feelings, using campaigns to build a network, group learning techniques, and above all, how to get people to get into a mindset where they’re actually prepared to […]

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Ep1: Building a learning culture for 45,000 salespeople

In this episode of the Learning at Large podcast, I talk to Paul Goundry, Head of Learning at Utility Warehouse. We talked about what CLOs can learn from product designers, how to show the value of L&D by linking it to business impact, and Paul shared a number of resources and insights that have helped […]

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Learning at Large: The new podcast for L&D leaders

If you love learning from the wins, worries and war stories of learning leaders in your shoes, then this podcast will soon become a firm favorite. Learning at Large is the podcast where business leaders talk high-impact learning at scale: challenges, innovations and the future. Coming soon: Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified about […]

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