Elearning Managers Handbook

Do you go to bed worrying about the quality of your elearning material? Or are you under pressure from the powers at be to deliver more content, for less.

The way you deliver learning is changing. The old way of delivering elearning is inefficient and costs too much. Will you adapt your processes to ensure your L&D remains efficient, and your elearning remains innovative and engaging?

In this handbook, our elearning experts show you how to successfully navigate these changes. Use the ideas to create an efficient L&D team that produces more engaging content, for less.

Download this handbook to learn….

  • How to build and manage a productive, high performing L&D team
  • How to use innovative scenario-based and gamification methods to create engaging elearning courses
  • Six elearning time-savers that will streamline your production processes and cut delivery times in half
  • Eight elearning software tools that instructional designers and learning consultants use to speed up elearning production

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