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  • Connect Group PLC
  • Sorin Group
  • Make Sense Design
  • Triniti Marketing
For Learners

Make amazing e-learning - see our showcase

Don’t accept restricted HTML5 interfaces. Elucidat comes with a range of beautiful mobile-friendly themes.

And our developer area gives customisation right down to code level.

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For Designers

Bring your learning ideas to life without the headaches

Your learners deserve the fastest e-learning hosting, with no more waiting for long downloads.

And get updates to them quicker than ever before with ‘live-update’.

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For Writers

Incredibly easy authoring

Your whole team will love editing with Elucidat.

It’s so easy - you already know how to use it.

See how easy Elucidat is here

For Writers

Save production costs with a better, collaborative workflow

Our clients are saving up to 50% of their product costs whilst improving the quality of their output.

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For Designers

Cut out LMS grief with live updates and API integration

Cut your LMS people out of the loop - publish changes to your LMS without uploading.

And why not use our API to update directly from your LMS, like our LMS partners?

For Developers

Futureproof: Create one version for all devices

With Elucidat your E-learning will work perfectly on Phones, Tablets, PCs, Macs – any device, anywhere.

Support for new devices is rolled in automatically - so no more rebuilding content.

See examples here

“Elucidat is ridiculously easy to use.”
Sam Taylor, eLearning Manager, Tesco Academy and Chair at eLearning Network

Simon uses Elucidat to produce Bespoke quality learning in Rapid timescales. Here's how: