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3 finance elearning examples your learners will love

3 minute read

Marcus Markovic, Content & Brand Lead at Elucidat
By Marcus Markovic

Content and Brand Lead


Need some fresh inspiration for your finance elearning? This article will introduce you to 3 interactive examples of excellent elearning which your learners will love and keep coming back for more.

3 finance examples

3 finance elearning examples

  1. Quiz with points and badges

Need to test learners on a less than exciting subject? Consider adding game-like features to your quiz.

Challenging learners to win points and badges is a great way to boost engagement with a test – particularly for subjects that are tested regularly, like compliance. In the Financial Crime example below learners are tasked with answering rounds of questions that increase in difficulty. Each round offers points for correct answers, with the amount of points increasing as the difficulty level does. Bonus questions add further motivation with the chance to win badges.

Game-like quiz example:

Created from an Elucidat template | See this example

A great learning approach for:

  • Learners who are motivated by challenge and reward
  • Testing learners on most topics (but consider whether game features are the right tone if you have more serious subject matter)
  1. Complex product training

Real-life application is as important as new knowledge in this short, focused elearning module about a financial product. In this example, learners are introduced to the key information about the product, then given the opportunity to practice answering common customer questions about it.

The focus on how the knowledge will be applied ensures the experience is active, relevant and engaging for the audience.

Financial product training example:

Created from an Elucidat template | See this example

A great learning approach for:

  • Finance employees in customer facing roles
  • Learners who would benefit from an opportunity to practice in a safe environment
  1. In-depth compliance training

Compliance training is vital to every organization, but it’s a particularly in demand area for finance. And as much as we want to keep elearning short and snappy, compliance can often require a bit more depth. But a longer module doesn’t have to mean less engagement.  This Cyber Security example shows how splitting a longer module up into short chunks helps to hold learner attention, allowing you to focus each chunk on a specific learning point or behavior.  Each section is kept practical and relevant, covering risks and responsibilities rather than legalese that’s hard to digest

Cybersecurity training example:

indepth compliance elearning example

Created from an Elucidat template

A great learning approach for:

  • Busy learners who need the option to complete their training across multiple sessions – the menu lets learners see the sections of the course at a glance and get a sense of progress as they tick off each section
  • In-depth subjects that can be brought to life with practical, application-focused activities

Want to start producing finance elearning like this?

Producing quality, engaging digital learning experiences takes careful planning, consideration and building – but it’s not as hard as you think! Download the best practice guide to designing high-quality elearning for finance and get insant access to templates, processes and more examples that will help take your training to the next level.

Written by Marcus Markovic

Marcus plays a pivotal role in connecting Elucidat's cutting-edge content and our brand with a global audience. He specializes in distilling complex ideas into engaging, accessible content that drives forward the mission of making elearning universally accessible.

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