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Create inclusive learning

At Elucidat, we believe that learning should be accessible to all. It is crucial
that the content created through our platform is inclusive, user-friendly,
and meets the highest possible accessibility standards.

Take a look at a sample of our accessibility features below:

Alt text

Alt text

Add alt text to images, allowing visually impaired users to understand image content.

An icon of an ear with sound waves to represent screen reader compatibility.

Screen reader

Compatible with assistive technology that reads aloud text and other content on screen, enabling access for visually impaired individuals.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation

Navigate through Elucidat using only the keyboard to facilitate users with mobility or dexterity impairments.

Readable fonts

Readable fonts

Choose visually appealing fonts that are easy to read, enhancing the experience for users with reading difficulties.

An icon of a color dropper to represent customizable color contrast.

Customizable color contrast

Select from various color palettes or create your own to ensure a sufficient contrast ratio between text and background.

Content structure

Logical content structure

Employ hierarchical headings and a logical content structure, which helps screen readers interpret the content.

Look for the accessibility icon

When creating courses in Elucidat, prioritize accessibility by looking for the accessibility icon on our Page Types and selecting clearly identified accessible interactions. 

This will help ensure compliance with accessibility standards and promote an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all users.

An image of Elucidat page types showing an accessibility icon to indicate which page types are accessible for elearning.

Becoming more accessible

Through innovation and dedication, we will continue to make Elucidat more accessible and ensure that it supports creators to
develop inclusive and accessible elearning content. In the meantime, ensure that you follow web content accessibility guidelines
by visiting the accessibility guidance in the Elucidat support center, this 7 tips for accessibility blog,
or the W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) website.

Want to explore the Accessibility features?