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1. Get started with a theme or custom design

  • Quickly build elearning courses with our ready-to-go themes.
  • Custom themes provide you with brand control across all authors.
  • Your authors simply add content and design is taken care of.
  • Inbuilt HTML editor gives you 100% design control.

"Elucidat, easy to use, very professional finish. My client a novice author has produced 6 fab modules from scratch in < 4 months!"

Rachel Lomas, My eLearning Store

2. Configure course by adding pages and content

  • Quickly add pre-branded interactions.
  • Use gamification features to increase engagement.
  • Our multi-device compatibility future-proofs your elearning.
  • Test for different screen sizes - as you are building.

"Elucidat is a very solid product, I would recommend it to anyone looking for multi-device elearning authoring software"

Craig Weiss, Elearning Blogger, Expert, Analyst, Speaker

3. Collaborate with team members and stakeholders

  • Inbuilt online review and commenting system speeds up project delivery times.
  • Elucidat cuts out unnecessary steps in the development process so you can create more effective elearning in less time.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm absolutely loving Eludicat. Took me a single morning to pull together this micro course on Information Security. It's just so bloody simple!"

Paul Bird
Learning Technologist, National Trust

4. Quickly export LMS-ready file or publish online

  • Export content to any LMS. Supports SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI) & MOOC.
  • Built-in hosting also lets you share courses instantly with learners online.
  • Elucidat means you can update content in your LMS without having to re-upload SCORM files.
  • Accessibility compliant (Section 508).

"Elucidat actually got recommended to us by one of our clients Tesco! As it stands it is by far the best tool on the market!"

Richard Hyde, Director, Mind Click Design

5. Analyse elearning performance to improve learner experience

  • Track learners to find areas where you can improve the learning experience.
  • Use insight to quickly change and test different variations.
  • Share learner tracking data with other software systems via Elucidat API.

"The simple, yet powerful authoring interface, collaboration, analytics and Tin Can API features of Elucidat have been a great fit for PepsiCo and several other of our enterprise clients. We loved the authoring tool and platform so much we became a reseller partner!”

Scott Matthews, CEO, Learning Evolution

All the features you need

Super simple editing

It is so easy - everyone in your organization can do it. And don't take our word for it - we'll put you in touch with clients who will say the same.

HTML5 output

Modern, fast to load HTML5 ensures that your learning content works perfectly on any device - phones, tablets AND desktop computers.

Browser support

We support the latest phones and tablets, and browsers back to Internet Explorer 7. No other authoring tool offers browser support as wide.

Fully responsive

Other tools claim that they work with Phones or Tablets. Elucidat allows you to author your course once, and have the confidence that it will work perfectly on any device.



Have the confidence that your content is safe. If your branding changes, or new Phones and Tablets come out - your content is updated automatically. You never have to rebuild again.


Elucidat works perfectly with Screen Readers such as JAWs, and adheres to a very high level of Accessibility standards. Meet Section 508, and all without a separate version of your course.

User roles, with free Reviewers

Restrict Authors to certain projects and roles, and invite stakeholders in to review your work for free!

Image library, with 25,000 ElearningArt images free!

Elucidat comes with an incredible Image Library. Manage your images centrally. Also you get the entire ElearningArt library of 25,000 character cut-outs - free!


Gamification & Branching

Elucidat supports non-linear content, and has powerful gamification features such as badges. You can make your elearning more exciting with Elucidat, and engage your learners more.

Super-fast hosting

Elucidat courses load fast. Wherever you are in the world. We use industry leading CDNs and the best hosting available to ensure that your learners have the best possible experience, even on slow internet connections.

Powerful analytics

Find out how your learners are responding to your courses with Elucidat's powerful analytics. Find out which questions are too hard, which are too easy. Great analytics helps you to create better elearning

XLIFF Translation

Use industry standard Translation tools to localise your content, and maintain course localizations from a single master course. You can achieve incredibly cost-effective workflows with Elucidat.


Custom branding

Unlike other Authoring tools, there are no restrictions on how closely you can match and control your branding. For the highest quality visual output - choose Elucidat.

Native App compatible

Several Enterprise clients are using Elucidat within Native Apps, to deliver personalised learning experiences. Call us for a demo and we'll help you to do the same.

Ready to author more effective elearning, faster?

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