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Scrolling page designs – best practice

Calendar Icon Nov 09, 2022   Alarm Clock Icon 30 mins

About this webinar

To scroll or not to scroll? That is the question. From layouts and style, to striking the best learning impact with a scrolling page – in this Design Tip Tuesday webinar come find out the answers. What is the optimum length? How many interactions should you have? How can you build in learning activities and a call to action? Plus more.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the fundamental differences between scrolling and paginated pages and when to use each format
  • Discover strategies for structuring effective scrolling pages, including wireframing, content grouping, and integrating interactive elements
  • Learn how to utilize Elucidat tools to enhance your scrolling pages


  • William Brown, Head of Learning Consultancy, Elucidat
  • Debbie Hill, Senior Design Consultant, Elucidat

Who this webinar is for

Whether you’re new to elearning design or seeking to enhance your existing skills, the practical insights and examples provided will help you create more engaging and effective scrolling pages.