Get help with your current challenges 

Navigate the ongoing challenges of going digital. Discover the lessons learned from customers and the wider L&D community. 


How to make 2021 the year of successful, sustainable digital learning

The webinar is co-hosted with our partner LearnUpon, the industry-leading LMS that helps businesses unlock the power of learning. 

You’ll come away with some key recommendations on smarter strategies, more efficient processes, and trackable goals to make your digital transformation a success. Let’s make 2021 the year of successful, sustainable digital learning.

Included with this webinar:

  • The Digital Transformation Checklist
  • Real-world examples of effective digital training
  • Video tips from industry experts
  • Best in class resources



3 lessons to explore


Why speed is critical

L&D needs to move faster than ever before. Learn how to adapt to change faster with real-world customer examples.


Why Zoom isn’t the only answer

Diving into the ‘expectations vs reality’ of virtual classrooms and the rise of elearning – backed by our research and that of Brandon Hall.


Why business impact matters

Business performance is more critical than ever. Figure out what works, and what doesn’t. 

Meet the Webinar Hosts

Here’s a bit about our lovely hosts

Georgie Cooke

Senior Learning Consultant at Elucidat

A forward-thinking learning consultant and coach, Georgie loves to help people think differently and make positive behaviour changes at work. Having worked with learning teams from some of the worlds biggest brands, Georgie knows what it takes to be successful when shifting in digital learning.

Frances Kleven

Manager, Customer Success Team at LearnUpon LMS

Frances Kleven manages LearnUpon’s Customer Success team. With over 15 years of experience in technology and education, she has worked with some of the world’s biggest organizations, helping them to develop and implement comprehensive training strategies.


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The skill-up is rated 4.6* by participants!

“This program has come at a crucial time for us in this digital transformation we’re seeing. I’ve been bombarded with loads of webinars and information but had been frustrated at the lack of a ‘so what’ and tangible tools and tips I can use to support the transition from F2F to virtual. Thank you so much, this program has really hit the mark!”

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