Steve Penfold

10 Elearning Authoring Tools: Comparison and Review

New technologies are changing the way you produce and deliver elearning. Get the lay of the land with this review of ten popular elearning authoring tools. Assess your options with ease of use, quality output, speed of production and scaling in mind! Which is the best authoring tool for you? I think you already know […]

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Announcing Elucidat’s global expansion with US office

We’re extremely excited to announce the opening of our first US office in Raleigh, North Carolina, to provide even better support for our North American customers. Plans for Elucidat’s US expansion are in full swing, with takeoff ready to commence in January 2020.  This exciting phase in Elucidat’s journey will help accelerate us towards achieving […]

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Elucidat certified as Preferred Provider by Brandon Hall Group

We’re excited to announce that Brandon Hall Group has announced Elucidat as a certified Smartchoice® Preferred Solution Provider. Confirming that Elucidat delivers a smarter, faster way for large organizations to produce online learning that delivers a transformational impact. Press release from PRweb Brandon Hall Group confirms that Elucidat is living their mission, by enabling their clients to […]

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Celebrating a $4.5 million investment in Elucidat

We’re very excited to announce we have received an investment of $4.5 million from YFM Equity Partners to pursue our vision for people-centered elearning. This investment marks a huge vote of confidence in the future of Elucidat. It will help us accelerate toward achieving our vision: to give everyone the power to produce digital learning […]

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How do you price online training courses?

How do you price online training courses? It’s a difficult question for many online training providers. In this article, we look at three pricing strategies and examine how a number of successful organizations price their training products and get a good ROI. You’ve created an amazing online learning offering and will soon be ready to […]

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Choosing an elearning production process: ADDIE vs AGILE

The best elearning production process isn’t necessarily the one that gets learning content in front of an audience most quickly. The best is the one that will reliably get quality learning content that’s fit for purpose to an audience within an appropriate timeframe. So, should you be using ADDIE, AGILE or something different? Discover the modern […]

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Elearning example: “Medical Ethics”

Patients, families, and health care professionals sometimes face difficult decisions about medical treatments. But where do you stand? OpenLearn’s interactive quiz gives you six medical cases and for each one asks whether you would side with the NHS or with the individual.

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Elearning example: A Ready-to-Go Social Media course

Millions of us use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate and organize our personal lives online. And because work is such a big part of our lives it’s only natural that some of it will filter into social conversations and interactions online. But there has to be parameters, right?

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Elearning example: Cyber Security Course

Elucidat’s Australian partner, Savv-e Learning, has recognized the importance of raising awareness in organizations today and created a Cyber Security module that helps learners understand online threats and how to protect themselves and their organizations.

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