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4 excellent learning portal examples for training employees

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Steve penfold
By Steve Penfold

CEO & Co-founder


Learning portals are becoming an increasingly popular choice for organizations that want to get corporate elearning content to their learners, effectively and fast. The flexibility of employee training portals offers a more simple, scalable solution for learning distribution compared to that of the learning management system (LMS). So, let’s take a look at some great examples of elearning portals to give you a clearer idea of what could best suit your learners.

What is a learning portal?

A learning portal is a hub or access point where your digital learning content and resources are stored centrally. Put simply, it’s where your employees go to access corporate elearning material such as videos, presentations and word documents.

Learning portals can vary in sophistication, with more complex versions offering additional extras such as discussion boards, calendar features as well as email and messaging capabilities. Depending on the digital learning portal you choose, it can be as simple as somewhere for you to manage and assign corporate elearning materials, or act as a comprehensive virtual learning environment.

Read on to learn more about other characteristics of learning portals to look out for.

Characteristics of learning portals

  • User centric – Learning portals should provide the best user experience possible and make it easy for learners to access digital learning materials as and when they want to, instead of it being pushed to their inbox.
  • Personalized – Some learning portals offer the option of employee pre-assessments that allow you to understand their proficiency and learning style, and serve relevant content accordingly.
  • Multi-format – Learning portals usually allow for multiple different learning formats e.g. written content, videos, quizzes and interactive PDFs so learners can choose based on their preferred learning styles
  • Multi-device – Learning portals should be compatible with multiple devices, e.g. desktop, tablet and mobile (Android and iOS) enabling learners to choose how they consume the content.
  • Interactive elements – Some learning portals provide ‘gamification’ options which allow employees to compete with their colleagues and receive recognition or awards for good performance.

Why should Learning and Development Teams use learning portals for corporate training?

So, are learning portals really worth it? Here we’ll discuss the benefits of learning portals, for both companies and learners.

One of the primary benefits of using training portals for businesses is that it can help to reap better results than other more traditional training delivery methods. Adopting a learning portal to create user-centric corporate learning can boost employee engagement rates, yield higher completion rates, and boost information retention through consistent reinforcement.

What’s more, remote learning portals encourage better engagement between L&D teams and learners in comparison to formal corporate training in which learners can often be passive participants.

As mentioned above, the benefits of elearning portals for learners are plentiful, particularly the ability to have more control over their learning and access it whenever suits them, on any device they choose.

How can you use learning portals to assist training delivery? 

Learning portals can provide value at every stage of training delivery:

  • Onboarding – With Elucidat’s Learning Launchpad, learners can access training easily via a link, meaning they can get up and running quickly without hassle.
  • Ongoing – Elucidat’s Learning Launchpad gives learners the freedom to access training content at any time, on any device, so they can learn at a time that suits them.
  • At the finish line – Elucidat’s Learning Launchpad allows L&D Teams to track and analyse engagement rates and learner performance. This can help to identify areas where the training can be improved and highlight where further learning is required to inform the content and delivery model of the next project.
4 learning portals to train employees

4 excellent elearning portal examples

Are you developing a digital learning portal for your organization? Check out these five examples from Elucidat, Sky, Jury’s Inn and Vaillant to get you inspired. To find out more about elearning portals and how they can give you a wider reach and quicker business impact, check out this detailed article.

1. Sky’s Global Totara LMS

Sky development

This learning portal from Sky assists over 36,000 employees with their training. Developed by Mind Click, this is a great example of a Totara LMS solution for customer service staff.

Features we like:

  • Integrates with internal systems, including HR and induction systems with single sign-on.
  • Contains search engine functionality, face to face session workflows and reporting.
  • Looks great on a range of devices.

Visit elearning: Sky’s Global Totara LMS

2. Sky Employee Induction Portal


Sky and Brightwave joined forces to create Sky’s induction training portal.

Features we like:

  • Portal-driven solution with good content.
  • Multi-channel backed up by an LMS. There is a variety of content to suit a large and diverse audience.
  • Leaderboard style scoring system keeps learners enthused and engaged.

Visit elearning: Sky employee induction portal

3. Jury’s Inn: Learning Portal

Jury's Inn

Learning Pool developed this award-winning learning portal for Jury’s Inn.

We like the integrated approach that draws on different technologies and services:

  • Totara LMS, Classroom Connect and Knowledge Bank
  • Administration, user setup and management,
  • Reporting and management information
  • Content development

Visit elearning: Jury’s Inn: Learning Portal


4. Vaillant Learning Portal

Vaillant, a one hundred and forty year old family business, revolutionizes its approach to training with this successful blended learning solution. It combines corporate elearning, workshops, hands-on skills and online performance support into a single sign-on Totara LMS.

This learning portal was developed by Mind Click.

Visit elearning: Vaillant Learning Portal

Ready to start creating your own learning portals?

Discover how Learning Launchpad, part of Elucidat’s powerful authoring platform, makes it easier for large teams to produce and deliver digital learning at scale, helping their business to respond to change faster –  Book a demo to learn more.

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Written by Steve Penfold

Coming from a family of teachers and with a history running successful software companies, Steve’s passion for using technology to enable better learning experiences is unsurprising. He’s a master of focus and ensures everyone at Elucidat is always working toward the most important thing: delivering value for our customers.

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