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Celebrating a $4.5 million investment in Elucidat

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Steve penfold
By Steve Penfold

CEO & Co-founder


We’re very excited to announce we have received an investment of $4.5 million from YFM Equity Partners to pursue our vision for people-centered elearning.

investment announcement elucidat

This investment marks a huge vote of confidence in the future of Elucidat. It will help us accelerate toward achieving our vision: to give everyone the power to produce digital learning that delivers a transformational impact on personal development and business performance.

What this investment means for Elucidat customers

For you, our customers, it means you’ll be seeing more regular and significant improvements to the platform this year and beyond.

We’ll be investing heavily in:

  • Smarter, faster ways to produce elearning in Elucidat
  • Helping you create elearning that’s truly transformative
  • Providing the insights and data you need to measure impact
  • Ensuring our infrastructure is stable and scaling with growth

Amazing people are the beating heart of Elucidat, and we’ll be growing each team as well as maintaining the integrity of our learn, care, share values, to ensure we provide even better support and guidance to customers.

About YFM, a like-minded investment partner

We selected YFM as our investment partner given their proven track record of working with businesses to accelerate global growth while ensuring their portfolio companies consider their impact on society and the environment. We’re excited to be working together with YFM on the next phase of our growth.

Nigel Owens, Investment Director at YFM, explained why they chose to back Elucidat:

“The Elucidat team has already gained well known global brands as customers and the business is growing strongly. We’re absolutely delighted to be working with the team at Elucidat to support the development of future products and further expansion into global markets.”

YFM Partner Paul Cannings added:

“Elucidat is a great example of an organization which not only has strong growth potential, but also seeks to do business in a responsible way. We are delighted to be able to support them in the acceleration of their growth plans.”

An enormous thank you to the Elucidat community

So far in our journey we’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing individuals and organizations – too many to name here, but you know who you are! You’ve helped shape our business, product and vision to where we are today.

This investment is a testament to what we’ve achieved so far and is the rocket fuel for us achieving our mission. So, thank you for being part of it. We’re excited about what the future holds!

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Written by Steve Penfold

Coming from a family of teachers and with a history running successful software companies, Steve’s passion for using technology to enable better learning experiences is unsurprising. He’s a master of focus and ensures everyone at Elucidat is always working toward the most important thing: delivering value for our customers.

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