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12 elearning agencies that use Elucidat

4 minute read

Debbie Hill
By Debbie Hill

Senior Design Consultant


Are you looking for an elearning agency to help with your next project? There is a wide array of organizations out there that offer elearning solutions. Here are 12 that we know have experience using Elucidat to produce digital learning.

12 elearning agencies featured image

Please note: inclusion in this list is not an endorsement of the quality of their work, nor a recommendation. We encourage you to check out reviews and examples of their work before you sign up!

Choosing an elearning agency 

Elearning agencies can inject fresh ideas and creativity into your projects. Thanks to the size of their production teams, they can often turn projects around quickly too. So if you’re looking for an outside perspective, or for someone to help you meet a tight deadline, an agency could help you create a successful Elucidat project in the moment.

What about in-house skills?

The piece that you’ll need to provide is the in-depth knowledge of your organization, content and audience. To ensure this crucial personalization isn’t lost, many organizations prefer to develop their own innovative learning teams in-house. These internal teams use Elucidat to create high quality, scalable elearning for the long term. But that’s not to say a little extra creativity or speed isn’t sometimes needed, which is where Elucidat’s Professional Services come in.

Check out our range of creative services delivered by expert Elucidat consultants if you want to jump-start your next project.

Lima Delta

Lima Delta elearning agency

Lima Delta helps forward-thinking L&D teams design game changing digital learning experiences.

They use behavioral insights to skip the guesswork and design digital learning with fresh thinking and purpose. Their team are experts with Elucidat and can design, test and iterate high-end digital learning at pace.

Located: Brighton, UK

Lima Delta’s website

Acteon Communication

Acteon elearning agency

Acteon has over 30 years of experience in producing elearning. With a couple of awards under their belt, they focus on using combined instructional design and technical capabilities to deliver engaging, responsive digital learning content. They also provide services around blended learning, video, performance support and more.

Located: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Acteon’s website

Bright Alley

Bright Alley elearning agency

Bright Alley are fascinated by the power of motivation and believe in using creative ideas, smart services and learning technology in the workplace. They specialize in solution discovery, gamification, elearning and PowerApp.

Located: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bright Alley’s website


Brightwave elearning agency

Brightwave create digital learning solutions focussed on organizational-specific performance requirements.  Areas of expertise include interactive digital learning, video and animation, mobile learning and gamification.

Located: Brighton, United Kingdom

Brightwave’s website


Cobblestone elearning agency

Cobblestone Learning is an elearning design agency who want to improve workplace performance via customized eLearning courses and programs.  They provide custom elearning in the form of video/animated content, gamification and real-world challenges.

Located: Dublin, Ireland

Cobblestone’s website

Comms Learning

Comms Learning elearning agency

Comms Learning is a global business with offices in the UK and Barcelona. They provide training workshops as well as designing elearning courses, templates and video learning.

Located: London, United Kingdom

Comms Learning website

Elearning Brothers

Elearning Brothers elearning agency

eLearning Brothers provides elearning templates, custom elearning design and training for elearning professionals globally. They provide custom solutions using video and animation, games, simulations and virtual reality and more.

Located: Utah, United States of America

eLearning Brothers’ website

Gamma Media

Gamma Media elearning agency

Gamma Media is based in Brighton and create interactive elearning products by emphasizing high-quality writing, media and interaction.  They have successfully developed and deployed elearning projects for world-class clients ranging from banks to the armed forces.

Located: Brighton, United Kingdom

Gamma Media’s website

Jam Pan

Jam Pan elearning agency

JamPan began in 2014 to create a better way to connect digital learning talent with opportunities and to help agencies flex and scale with talent on demand. They are passionate about driving innovation in digital learning, tapping into the talent economy, and helping clients and suppliers do great work together.

Located: Manchester, United Kingdom

JamPan’s website


Kineo elearning agency

Kineo is an award-winning, global organization that was founded in 2005. They believe in designing a better experience in order to get better results, by using digital learning such as interactive video, game-based learning and blended learning. They also provide elearning courses.

Located: Global Offices

Kineo’s website

Media Zoo

Media Zoo elearning agency

Media Zoo have offices in London and Glasgow. They were established to help businesses communicate better with their customers, their colleagues and each other.  Solutions including blended programs, film and animation are used in order to create effective programs within the workplace.

Located: London, United Kingdom

Media Zoo’s website

Modo Network

Modo Network elearning agency

Modo Network began in 1998 and are based in Italy.  Their focus on Digital HR includes providing services such as learning games, tutorials and training modules.

Located: Italy

Modo Network’s website

How does Elucidat work with elearning agencies?

When our customers are working with an agency to produce elearning for them, they will usually give the agency access to work within their Elucidat account.

Both customers and agencies often build our quick turnaround Professional Services into their project plans to ensure they’re getting the best out of Elucidat’s features and functionality. We can inject creative ideas at the start of a project or create prototypes directly with our customers that lay out an approach for an agency to follow.

Does Elucidat have an agency arm?

Elucidat isn’t a content production house, but our Professional Services team can support you with the development of your elearning.

The team offers a wide range of targeted coaching and consultancy services to help Elucidat customers to build skills in-house, rather than creating elearning projects for them. There are a wide range of services on offer, ranging from helping to create a blended learning strategy, to building a prototype or coaching you through the lifecycle of a project.

Learn more about the support and services Elucidat offers.

Written by Debbie Hill

Debbie is an experienced design consultant with years of experience in the elearning industry. As part of the Elucidat Learning Consultancy team, Debbie supports clients with design concepts and coaching to take their learning content to the next level.

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