World’s 3rd largest retailer realises real impact with elearning authoring

Retailers have many challenges which others don’t; reams of elearning to build and a young, transient workforce which needs upskilling, often in multiple languages or across multiple territories, just to name a few.

Tesco case study

Usually, this is all needed quickly, and at scale, to match the ever-changing landscape of a growing retail business. It’s not easy, but it is possible with the right tools.

How to support learning at scale?

Tesco, the world’s 3rd largest retailer, used to deliver a huge volume of face-to-face training to over 500,000 learners worldwide.

The L&D team wanted to make better use of digital learning inside the business for several reasons: 

  1. Provide learner experiences which better aligned to the expectations of their young, shifting workforce
  2. Increase the speed of knowledge and skills acquisition, particularly in areas such as product knowledge and compliance, which needed updating regularly 
  3. Support an L&D team to produce elearning quickly. The team needed to be more scalable, adaptive and able to pivot within a rapidly changing retail business

Rather than outsource their elearning needs to 3rd party suppliers (which takes time and can be costly) it was decided to make better use of the in-house team and develop their elearning themselves. They needed an authoring tool.


Why Tesco chose Elucidat’s authoring tool

Digital Learning Manager, Sam Taylor, needed a solution that could deliver a range of learning (such as compliance, leadership and soft skills) to colleagues much quicker than before. She also wanted to give employees the opportunity to learn on tablet and smartphone devices. After extensive research on available tools, Sam selected Eludicat for several reasons including:

  • Her team has a range of elearning design abilities: Unlike many other authoring tools, Elucidat makes it easy for trainers to produce visually stunning, learner-driven elearning swiftly using Elucidat’s Learning Hub. This meant that Sam could produce more content, more quickly. 
  • Their needs are complex, but they are short on time: Although Elucidat is simple to start, it is also robust for team members who need to design more advanced elearning quickly. Compared with other traditional tools, it takes less time to produce non-linear learning such as branching scenarios and more web-like experiences. This meant a variety of content could be made to meet any learning objective.
  • Mobile learning was an absolute must: With many workers having limited access to company computers, learning at Tesco needs to be easily accessed on a range of devices. Elucidat’s responsive design feature seamlessly delivers the organization’s learning on smartphone and tablet devices. Unlike other tools, our tool allows one version of content to be produced for every device using the handy responsive slider. This approach saved Sam’s team time and better met the requirements of her learners.

Modern learning for retail: 2020 toolkit

The real business impact

Instead of relying on a handful of technical instructional designers, Tesco wanted an authoring tool that their entire team could easily pick up and use. This helped to remove the bottleneck pressure the L&D team was experiencing to produce content at scale and instead enabled SME’s to become more adept in producing elearning.

Better experiences for designers

Initially, Elucidat was given to 37 authors across the organization. The ease of use of the tool meant that even inexperienced staff could use it from the get-go, meanwhile its powerful features assured high-quality output.

Over a period of three months, there was a 50% increase in the number of users using Elucidat (not possible with past tools). This significantly helped the team increase the speed at which it produced elearning.

Tesco retail authoring tool screenshot Elucidat

Huge savings for the business

Another notable impact as a result of the introduction of Elucidat was the cost savings to the business; transitioning from face-to-face training to in-house elearning development, Sam’s L&D team have managed to reduce costs by 50%.

Tesco’s learning and development function are now building elearning modules in a couple of days rather than months – they’re delivering content at four times the speed now! By introducing an authoring tool to her L&D team, Sam has seen a huge impact in terms of output, scalability and quality, meeting the needs of her learners, her team and the business.

Why Elucidat works for retailers 

Our easy-to-use and scalable authoring tool is ideal for large retail businesses due to its flexibility, speed of delivery and ability to support global offices. 

How it helps businesses like yours

  • Connects global teams: Whether you need to deliver multi-language translations, enable cross-team collaboration or improve output, Elucidat is well versed in delivering the multi-faceted requirements of large development teams. The fact that you can have unlimited authors and contributors doesn’t hurt either, right? 
  • Supports learning production at scale: We know large retailers often have huge amounts of elearning to produce, be it compliance or new product information. Our tool makes it easy to build and update content and better enables teams to keep pace with business changes.
  • Super easy to use: With users becoming adept through self-service training, Elucidat encourages wider use across the business and unlocks the knowledge of SMEs across the business. 
  • Mobile-friendly: A must for most retail businesses and fully supported by Elucidat with simple, seamless and easy to use functionality.

Modern learning for retail: 2020 toolkit