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Top 5 elearning books every elearning manager should read

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Kirstie Greany Elucidat
By Kirstie Greany

Head of Customer Marketing


Every corporate elearning manager knows about the importance of reading good material. There is a treasure trove of knowledge, research and experiences available for anyone to learn from. But how do you decide what to start with? Where do you begin? It can be daunting trying to navigate the mountain of elearning literature that has been published by different authors from around the world. To help you prioritize your reading list, here are the top 5 elearning books every elearning manager should read.

Top 5 elearning books every elearning manager should read

Top 5 elearning books for learning managers

1. The Learning and Development Handbook: A Learning Practitioner’s Toolkit – Michelle Parry-Slater

‘The Learning and Development Handbook’ takes the top spot of this list as the practical tips, tools, and models within make this corporate elearning book an all-encompassing guide for any elearning manager. You can give this a quick read to pick up some new skills, or a lengthier read for an in-depth dive with case studies.

This is a great handbook for those keen to implement and make the most of digital, social, and blended learning in the modern workplace. Aimed at those who work in corporate business environments, this corporate elearning book also provides guidance on how to identify learning needs in an organization, gather evidence to engage stakeholders, and align L&D strategy with overall business strategy.

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2. The Learning & Development Book: Change the way you think about L&D – Tricia Emerson

Tricia Emerson wrote this digital learning book mainly for the more experienced L&D professional – but elearning managers of any caliber can take away some practical ways to be more effective from ‘The Learning & Development Book’.

It addresses common L&D challenges, and will shine some light on best practices when you’re feeling time-challenged or stalled. It might also spark some creativity, give you fresh ideas, or change your perspective on learning. Maybe you need help convincing others to refresh their thinking about workplace learning? And what that might look like?

Shake up how you think about learning, and why it should feel more like playing, with the help of simple ideas and concepts.

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3. How People Learn: Designing Education and Training that Works to Improve Performance – Nick Shackleton-Jones

‘How People Learn’ gives elearning managers a new way of thinking about training, by looking at exactly how we learn. With the main takeaway being how to design training with your employees in mind, it explores how learning can make a real difference.

Nick Shackleton Jones explores the idea of ‘experiences vs resources’ and the part they have to play in modern day learning, as well as push and pull techniques to provide content that people use at the point of need. A perfect corporate elearning book to give learning managers (and their team) everything they need to build effective training programs and learning experiences.

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4. Driving Performance through Learning: Develop Employees through Effective Workplace Learning – Andy Lancaster

Linking learning to performance is key. But what does that look like, and how do you do it? ‘Driving Performance through Learning’ is a great guide for just that – showing L&D professionals how to identify business needs and leverage learning that drives business impact.

Andy Lancaster defines the key characteristics of achieving a learning culture within an organization, as well as the role of L&D for the future. An essential guide for all learning managers seeking to transform workplace learning.

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5. Transformational Culture: Develop a People-Centered Organization for Improved Performance – David Liddle

At Elucidat we believe that people-centered learning is key to delivering successful digital learning that makes a real impact, at scale. ‘Transformational Culture’ provides a template to help elearning managers establish a culture of learning that is ‘fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high performing.’

This digital learning book offers practical guidance for learning managers and senior L&D professionals on how to redefine their culture, with toolkits, templates and case studies from organizations who have already successfully implemented this approach.

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Written by Kirstie Greany

As Head of Customer Marketing at Elucidat, Kirstie is dedicated to empowering our customers by guiding them in creating award-winning digital experiences. Her expertise not only supports, but elevates the elearning journeys of numerous customers, ensuring their success.

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