People-Centered Elearning

6 simple things you can do to build a more successful, more ethical business through people-centered training


We’ve analyzed data from millions of learners, gained insight from industry leaders and tested ideas in hundreds of live projects to uncover the recipe for really successful training.

Make sure your learning projects are underpinned by these six simple pillars, and know that you’re on the right path to delivering fast and effective training at scale.

Deliver ROI

Focus on delivering genuinely effective learning experiences and you will get the ROI you need, be it through employee retention, increased productivity or improved performance.

You should never leave people questioning the value.

Meet clear goals

Each elearning project must have a tangible purpose. You need to be clear about the real-life goals your elearning is helping people achieve.

It should never be a box-ticking exercise.


Measure your learning

You must constantly assess the effectiveness of your elearning to ensure that it is supporting learners in the right way.

Elearning should never be just be delivered and then forgotten.


Be personal

Respect your audience by taking the time to understand their individual needs, contexts and perspectives. Design learning experiences that takes them into account, and adapts to them.

Elearning should never be a ‘sheep dip’ experience.

Respect time

Produce insightful, useful learning experiences that your (busy) audience feel will help them develop. Give your learners just enough, when they need it.

Success of learning should never be judged on time spent, but on behaviour changed and goals met.

Make it widely available

Everyone should be able to experience the learning in a way that suits their needs. That means making elearning available on a variety of devices, via screen readers or through keyboard interaction.

No one should miss out on a learning experience because they can’t access it.