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Elucidat customers are authoring effective elearning for sales, customer service, compliance, soft skills, leadership and scenario training (and more). Here's a selection of what's possible. If you can't see exactly what you want here, get in touch.

Data protection

Compliance isn't about box ticking, not if you want to reduce real risks to your business. This demo uses real case studies, polling and scenarios to drive personal changes in daily data handling.

Product Knowledge

A training module for a new product range which incorporates knowledge checks and customer scenarios to embed product knowledge.

The Waste Challenge

This short quiz demo uses social polling and custom page layouts to explore how much people know about the issues surrounding waste.

Can you make the perfect Christmas pudding?

This timed festive challenge explores the history and process of making a traditional Christmas pudding. The Elucidat polling and linking features are used to create a social learning experience.

Can you find the truth?

What do you really know about crime? This project for The Open University digs way beyond the surface of forensic psychology, corporate crime and the prison system.

Elucidat Academy Quiz

How much do you know about Elucidat? This short quiz enables students to reflect on what they have learned as part of one of our fast track learning programmes. Get in touch to find out more.

5 steps to risk assessment

This micro learning module leads employers through the steps for carrying out a workplace risk assessment, using visual badges to indicate progress.

Fake Smile Challenge

This timed mini challenge uses a gamified approach to touch on the importance of a genuine smile in customer-facing roles.

Same Course, Different Image

This Health and Safety course shows how Elucidat can display images differently, depending on the screen size your Learner is using. It also uses a very clever (and responsive!) visual menu to explore different areas of the workplace.

Gamifying Environmental Awareness Training

An extract from an environmental awareness course which shows how a visual menu can be used to branch to small scenario questions. This also shows how ‘Badges’ can be used to reward learners for good decision-making.

Using Skype

This module explores the impact and benefits of using Skype within an organisation, along with some practical steps on using the software.

Leadership Training

A short scenario-based leadership course built to demonstrate page locking progress controls.

Systems Training

An example training course built to illustrate our branching features, interactions and visual variety using our Blocks theme.

Benchmarking Opinion

A project for the Open University. To ‘Lie or not to lie?’ allows learners to analyse their own moral compasses by placing them in non linear scenarios that vary from the Lewinsky affair to the Bloodgate scandal.

Social Media

A short social media course built to illustrate how you can use the Elucidat 'Polling' feature, a visual drag and drop interaction and also personalise results for your Learners using Elucidat variables.

Exploratory Historical Game

An interactive iPad tour of medieval Swansea for City Witness from the sublime Make Sense Design. This project is non-linear, allowing visitors to discover the facts about the era for themselves, and features live polls of visitor opinions. An iPhone version is coming soon.

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