Elearning examples created with Elucidat

Get inspired and see examples of people-centered elearning created with Elucidat. Explore the design approaches and learning interactions used in these examples.

Simple branching scenario

A simple, impactful way to build branching into your design. After making a decision in a scenario question, learners see the consequences of their right or wrong choice. They are then put back on the right path to continue the story and make their next decision.


Scenario-based policy training

A non-linear design that brings a Code of Conduct policy to life through bitesize scenario challenges. Learners are rewarded with badges for successful decision-making - can they gain enough to reach champion level?


Step-by-step compliance process

This short module breaks the steps of a risk assessment process down into easy to digest pages, followed by a case study to demonstrate the process in action. It also shows how you can use a mythbuster question to create engagement.


Personalized Action Plan and Scenario

A personalized experience that asks learners to reflect on their delegation style before offering up a tailored action plan. It includes a scenario with social polls provides an opportunity to put new techniques into practice and makes use of rules and clips to personalize the experience.


Scrolling ‘how to’ page

A single scrolling page that focuses on one core skill; in this case, how to wash your hands. Clear, visual sections create a modern, memorable experience and interactions make the core information stand out.


Compliance test with question pools

A robust compliance assessment using the range of quiz questions offered by Elucidat. Questions pools mean that when a learner retakes the test, they're unlikely to see the same questions again.


Elearning best practice 101

An interactive guide on how to create transformational elearning. It uses expert quotes, practical tips and call to actions to help you think like a people-centered designer. The checklist will enable you to track progress as you apply these principles to your own elearning.


Elearning Project Toolkit

Answer two questions about your elearning challenges and get some free tips and guides specific to you. This short diagnostic is a great example of personalized learning and curation, as well as a useful resource for you! This example uses rules, branching and layout designer.


Scenario based learning at scale

See how small-scale tweaks can make big impact when you're personalizing for staff in different environments. This first-person, investigative scenario demonstrates one way of tackling nuanced topics like discrimination in the workplace. Check out the Designer's Cut video to find out more.


Adaptive compliance pretest

A personalized ‘test-out’ approach to annual compliance training. This example uses a quiz to assess gaps and serves up relevant, short learning topics where needed. Those who pass need not continue. Check out the Designer's Cut video to find out more.


Just in Time Performance Support

A simple, five-minute refresher to be used by sales people on the job. Quick, out-of-the-box interactions that are easy to complete on a mobile make it an optimal just-in-time resource.


Multi-language Scrolling Page

An interactive one-page resource for new starters that proves digital learning can be short, simple and still valuable. Choose your preferred language at the start to see Elucidat's multi-language feature in action.


Role-specific process training

This process training uses an upfront role-selector to tailor the content that appears for each learner, showing them what they need to know in their specific role. This decreases learning time and increases engagement as learners don’t waste time on content they don’t need.


Ethics training with live data

Which side of the argument gets your vote? This activity from the Open University uses audio snippets and polling questions with live data to simulate a debate; an effective approach for ethics training.

Gamified Scenario

An audio-driven, first-person scenario that helps sales staff learn by practicing in a simulated environment. A great example of how 'grown-up games' can be effective learning tools. Includes use of audio players, branching, points and timers.


Immersive Branching Video

See interactive video stories in action. In this example from the Open University, you can choose a character to help, then watch your decisions play out in a branching video story. It uses video players, rules, branching, social polls and layout designer.

Micro guide to using audio and video

This demo was created in collaboration with Nice Media to showcase Elucidat's video and audio capabilities. From background video to interactive video branching and autoplaying soundscapes, you can browse different examples through our microlearning menu.

Interactive Video Scenario

This compelling experience puts learners in the driving seat, challenging them to make difficult decisions and learn by reflecting on the consequences. Our video question interaction is at the heart of this experience, effectively embedding the questions within the scenario.

Presenting Text-Heavy Content

Do you want to increase engagement with your text-heavy content? This ebook-style example shows how to use chapters, menus, column layouts and note-taking features to present your information in a digestible format. (To learn more about how this showcase was put together, see our Designer's Cut blog and video.)

Personalized Action Plan

A toolkit for managers that diagnoses their issues and provides tailor-made help. It uses rules, clips, social polls and embedded content and offers resources from an embedded AndersPink briefing that updates daily.


Behavior Change with Social Learning

Is it really a big deal? This course asks learners to judge real situations and uses social polls to compare their views with others. An effective and memorable way of encouraging compliant behaviors using Likert questions, social polls and points.


Interactive Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays from Elucidat! Share in our festive joy by taking a look at our customers' successes in 2018 and telling us what you're working towards in 2019. Now where's that mince pie...


Responsive Visual Menu

This Health and Safety course shows how Elucidat can display images differently, depending on the screen size your learner is using. It also uses a clever (and responsive!) visual menu to explore different areas of the workplace.


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