Elucidat for training and content providers

Training and content providers use Elucidat to create unique, industry leading content that helps reduce customer churn and increase company revenue.

Create unique and beautiful learning products with a clear point of difference

  • Stop competing on the same playing field as competitors; create unique learning content that gives you a competitive advantage.
  • 100% flexibility to customize learning content to meet specific needs of your customers.
  • Companies use Elucidat to create better looking content, faster.

"Creating content in Elucidat has given our project visual appeal and made it engaging for the user,” beams Charles. We’ve had a lot of interest from outside agencies in buying our content and ‘white labeling’ it to create their own customized course."

Charles Shields, ‎Head of Online Delivery at Youth Sport Trust

Build and go-to-market faster

  • Quickly create and control multiple variations of your learning content for different customers.
  • Translate into multiple languages while keeping central control over the design; make changes to all courses or individual courses in a couple of clicks.
  • Companies using Elucidat go-to-market 4X faster; new products can be created in two weeks, not two months.

"With Elucidat you get something that will speed up the process of creating elearning at scale, while keeping quality up."

Charles Shields, ‎Head of Online Delivery at Youth Sport Trust

Reduce churn by refreshing content quickly and cost-effectively

  • Never lose another customer because you product is ‘stale’ – quickly update without using too many resources (or going over budget).
  • Quickly make changes to an existing course’s design and elements; update instantly to multiple outputs using Elucidat’s Rapid Release technology.
  • Companies using Elucidat refresh content 5X times faster than companies using alternative authoring tools.

"Now I can update pictures or videos to keep them fresh and reflect our most recent events. Thanks to Elucidat, our content is no longer dated, it’s modern and exciting."

Sven Probst, Sports Development Department at International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)

Improve product using real user data (and analytical feedback)

  • Use the data Elucidat captures from your customers to continuously improve your products
  • Listen to customer feedback to fill performance gaps in your content and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Companies that can reduce churn by 5% can increases profits by 25% (Bain & Company)

"I'm very excited about the new analytics tool Elucidat has released, I’ve been very impressed with the insight it has provided and are looking forward to utilizing it more in the future."

Charles Shields, ‎Head of Online Delivery at Youth Sport Trust

Start delivering more successful elearning, at scale.

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