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Getting Assessments Right Webinar

Calendar Icon Mar 14, 2023   Alarm Clock Icon 30 mins

About this webinar

Questions and assessments are part and parcel of most training you’ll create. But how to make sure your questions are robust, fair, and relevant? There is an art to writing effective questions and assessments, and learning it is key to creating effective elearning that drives real results. Find out from our experts in this design tip webinar.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to avoid common mistakes in creating assessments and use alternative question types for a more refined evaluation
  • Learn how to utilize features like question pools, role selectors, and gamification elements to make assessments more engaging and relevant
  • Gain insights into crafting assessments that contribute to a more meaningful learning journey


  • William Brown, Head of Learning Consultancy, Elucidat
  • Debbie Hill, Senior Design Consultant, Elucidat

Who this webinar is for

This webinar is suitable for intermediate to advanced practitioners interested in incorporating more sophisticated elearning features into their assessments.