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Microlearning – why smaller is better, but only if you do it well

Calendar Icon June 28, 2022   Alarm Clock Icon 30 mins

About this webinar

Dive into the tiny world of microlearning. Why is it so popular, and is there more to microlearning’s success than just going shorter? Join us as we delve into the realm of microlearning, exploring its efficacy, integration into learning strategies, and potential impact when applied correctly.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore the essence of microlearning and how to deliver focused content with a single clear objective
  • Learn how to keep learners engaged with interactive elements and clear benefits that enhance the learning experience
  • Discover how to integrate microlearning into learning pathways and provide timely training


  • Kirstie Greany, Head of Customer Learning, Elucidat
  • Debbie Hill, Senior Design Consultant, Elucidat

Who this webinar is for

This session is ideal for elearning professionals and instructional designers seeking to incorporate efficient and impactful microlearning into their training strategies.