5 ways to use the Docebo learning management system and Elucidat to strengthen learning content

Elucidat’s easy-to-use course authoring tool can now be integrated with the Docebo’s learning management system. How can this integration improve your elearning content?

Here are five ways the Docebo and Elucidat integration can help improve your elearning content.

1. Streamline course delivery


With Docebo’s integration with Elucidat, you can easily add and change training materials within the LMS. The integration gives learning administrators the ability to create and access their Elucidat projects directly inside the LMS. There is no longer a need to export and upload course materials to learning management systems. Course authors can simply create and access their Elucidat content inside the app and send it directly to their Docebo LMS.

2. Instantly update learning content


Elucidat’s Rapid Release republishing feature is a bonus for organizations using both the Docebo LMS and the Elucidat authoring tool. Rapid Release allows course administrators to quickly update content without the need to reload any Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) files. With Rapid Release, small course changes can be made faster and more efficiently. This feature ensures the course content in your LMS is always up-to-date.

3. Collaboration tools


Built-in collaboration tools give course authors the ability to easily communicate with team members and stakeholders in Elucidat. This collaborative feature is helpful for communication before the course is uploaded to Docebo’s LMS.

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4. Eliminate Tin Can or SCORM compliance worries

Both Docebo and Elucidat are Tin Can and SCORM compliant. If an update is made to a course on Elucidat, click the Rapid Release button. This will push the update to the learning content in the LMS without the need to check compliance every time.

5. Analyze elearning performance


Docebo and Elucidat both offer advanced project and course analysis. With a Docebo LMS and an Elucidat subscription, companies can choose which advanced reporting they prefer. In Docebo, administrators can find all of the reports and statistics about users and courses and create custom reports to analyze specific information. Elucidat gives course authors the ability to track a learner’s progress, use insight to quickly change and test different variations, and share learner tracking data with other software systems.

Next step: The Docebo and Elucidat integration is free; you just need Elucidat and Docebo subscriptions to get started. Try Docebo LMS on a 14-day trial to test all the features of the LMS.



Docebo is a Cloud Learning Management System compliant with AICC SCORM xAPI standards.

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