6 elearning examples that have used branching scenarios

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Branching scenarios are a form of storytelling. Branching techniques can improve learners interaction and retention. Here are six excellent examples of branching in elearning.

Training Bricks: On the farm

farm 1

This elearning course, developed by Training Bricks, is an excellent example of how branching features can be both effective and fun to work with. Users are sent back to previous knowledge sections if they fail a task, creating an adaptive learning environment. We like that the resources are neatly classified and easy to search for when jumping around sections of the course.

Features we like:

  • Nice interactions and graphics.
  • Good use of sounds to enhance the farm experience e.g. you get a moo sound when you make a mistake in the activity related to cows.
  • User-driven learning – menu allows you to do the knowledge/learning stuff or jump straight into the test to see what you know already and identify the gaps

Visit elearning: Training Bricks: On the farm

Lifesaver: Crisis Simulation


Lifesaver is an award winning simulator that uses interactivity and live-action film to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In this elearning, real-life situations are designed to put learners in the role of problem solver. If the exercise is not completed correctly, users have to adapt their approach until you achieve the correct outcome.

Features we like:

  • Fully immersive, game-based and experiential design
  • Timed decision-making activities
  • Strong storyboarding and scripting
  • Real-time game-style progress stats and points

Visit elearning: Lifesaver: Crisis Simulation

Lost IOP: Scenario-based elearning


Cutting edge for its time, this great piece of branching based elearning was created by Leo Learning in 2003 and still stands out from the crowd. We love the complex branching in this course which creates multiple non-linear pathways.

Features we like:

  • Full screen, high impact video-based scenarios
  • High-quality production value using professional actors
  • Real world feel with real life scenarios
  • Simulation design

Visit elearning: Lost IOP: Scenario-based elearning

BBC: Finance for non-financial managers


This elearning game was developed by Leo Learning for the BBC. It won a gold and bronze at the 2011 Elearning Age awards. It has effective branching logic designed into the levels of the game to unlock more options if you make good selections.

Features we like:

  • Design situates the user in the role of decision-maker for a number of  decision-making scenarios.
  • Tailored feedback at each decision point
  • Each stage is timed – a dynamic counter ups the ante and piles on the pressure to be decisive

Visit elearning: BBC: Finance for non-financial managers

Medieval Swansea: City witness


Medieval Swansea is an interactive historical game that enables learners to take on the role of detective to solve a mystery. The elearning game uses scenario branching to take learners through interactive challenges where they attempt to complete a variety of quests. We like the story based approach, which include narrative stages and character witnesses.

This elearning was developed by Make Sense Design and made with Elucidat.

Visit elearning: Medieval Swansea: City witness

Pepsico: Analyzing data and trends


Pepsico and Learning Evolution developed this fun and interactive theme to train employees on how to analyze data and identify industry trends. The course uses a branching menu to give learners a chance to explore the content in their own desired way.

Features we like: 

  • Use of relevant content imagery for other visual elements.
  • Course can be navigated via topics and sub-topics so learners can personalize their own learning journey.
  • Subtle use of avatar features such as animation and voice over for the ‘Dick Tracy’ character.

This elearning was made with Elucidat.

Visit elearning: Pepsico: Analyzing data and trends

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold is Customer Success Director at Elucidat. He helps large companies and training providers speed up and simplify their elearning authorin
Steve Penfold
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