6 steps to make your authoring tool implementation a success

When it comes to implementing any new technology, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. You need to be confident that this investment is going to help not hinder your team, and that you’ll be able to get up and running as smoothly as possible. So, here’s our advice on making sure that your transition to a new authoring tool is a positive, not painful, experience.


Managing the change to a new authoring tool

Ideally, you want your team to be able to hit the ground running with your new authoring tool. A little groundwork beforehand will make this a whole lot easier. This doesn’t have to be a huge amount of work and, depending on which tool you go for, the supplier may well have a lot of this covered for you!

If you want to learn more about change management in general, check out these popular models:

Steps for a successful implementation:

1. Be clear about exactly what you are hoping to achieve by changing tools

It might be that you need to speed up production by getting your team working collaboratively, or that you need to be able to make rapid updates to a large library of elearning content for legislative reasons. These are both common reasons for switching from a desktop to cloud-based authoring tool.

Alternatively, you might want to take more control of the elearning production process and reduce your costs by cutting back on use of agencies by bringing elearning production in house.

Having this clarity will help with all of the other points – for example, it will inform what kind of concerns that might come up within your team.

If you’re going to be using Elucidat, your Customer Success manager will discuss your desired outcomes – their job is then to help you use Elucidat successfully to achieve these.

2. Get your stakeholders on board ASAP

This is pretty self-explanatory! You need to get buy-in from the relevant people. This includes your elearning production team, the budget holders (if that’s not you) and potentially your technical team.

Reviews and recommendations can be really powerful as part of this process. Show your stakeholders that other teams have been successful as a result of switching to your authoring tool of choice. You can do this by looking at:


3. Communicate, often and early, about your vision for learning and how this tool fits in

Perhaps you want all your elearning to be tailored to roles and experience levels, and need an authoring tool that makes personalization easy. Or, you might be moving into the digital world from face-to-face training, and need a tool that helps you create interactive experiences. Maybe you want to be able to release new micro-lessons very quickly to respond to learner needs in the moment.

Whatever your vision, make sure your chosen tool has the features and capabilities to deliver on this, and communicate these benefits (compared to the status quo or alternatives) to your team.

Download our authoring tool comparison template to help with this!


4. Pre-empt and deal with concerns and anxiety

With any change, comes a lot of questions! Here are 3 common concerns we hear from teams implementing new authoring software, and our suggestions for how to address them.

How will we learn a new system?

Check what support and training is on offer from the provider of your authoring tool of choice. Will there be help to fall back on or will you need to manage the training internally?

With Elucidat, we offer all of our customers:

  • Fast Track Onboarding, included as standard with all of our packages to help get your team comfortable with the basics straight away
  • A help center packed with useful guides and support resources
  • Live chat support from within the Elucidat app
  • Customer success consultants, whose jobs are to help you reach your desired outcomes with Elucidat
  • Professional services for expert coaching and consultancy

It’s also worth looking at reviews and testimonials about how user friendly the tool is, and of course asking your authors to test it out with a trial account first!

“Having never used an authoring tool before, I have found Elucidat to be very intuitive to use and has allowed me to create a lot of engaging content in a short period of time. The onboarding and support are fantastic.”

Phillip Wiedower — Senior Account Executive at Origami Risk LLC


How can we minimize disruption to production?

We’d recommend choosing one or two people to be ‘champions’ of your new authoring tool. Give them the time to get to know it before rolling it out to the wider team so they can answer questions and reduce the learning curve for others.

Ask your ‘champions’ to set up your brand style and a couple of templates for your team to work from to ensure consistency and speedier production.

How do we keep up quality (if moving from agency to in-house)?

It’s also worth setting the standard from the start – what does good look like? You could take inspiration from examples of elearning content produced within your tool of choice (e.g. showcase examples from Elucidat).

If you need a leg-up with this, seek some initial expert input to help you get started. For example, at Elucidat we offer a service where our learning consultants produce a prototype, based on your project needs, for your team to pick up and run with.

Have other concerns? Get in touch and we’d be happy to help by sharing resources and tips.


5. Plan for a quick win and a way to sustain success

Even if you’re working on a big project that isn’t going to be delivered for months, think about how you can build in milestones that help your team see the benefit of the change to a new tool early. Getting your styles and templates in place, is a great way to speed things up for your authors.

If you’re using Elucidat, another quick win might be to invite graphic designers and reviewers into the platform too. Working collaboratively in the cloud is a massive timesaver – something your team will love you for!

To summarize:

  • Make sure there’s expert training available for your tool
  • Make sure there’s ongoing support and help available
  • Invest in professional services to help you get a quick win and provide additional coaching if necessary

6. Celebrate success!

Keep reflecting back on why you invested in a new tool in the first place – celebrate when you start to see the impact you’re looking for and recognize any side benefits!

Why not create best practice library to shine a spotlight on the great work your team is doing with your new tool. This is helpful for maintaining quality standards and onboarding new team members too.

If you’re using Elucidat, you can make this success concrete by using the analytics dashboards to show how your content is being engaged with and much more!

Ready to get started?

Whichever authoring tool you’re planning to use, make sure you speak to them about how they can support you in each of the six areas above.

Want to discuss implementing Elucidat? Get in touch now!