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Keep it on-brand: how Elucidat’s Styles feature helps you visually tailor your courses

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Debbie Hill
By Debbie Hill

Senior Design Consultant


Creating a branded look and feel is an easy way to increase buy-in and engagement from the start. And thanks to Elucidat’s Styles feature, tailoring your courses to suit your brand is simple, whether you’ve got one set of brand guidelines to work with, multiple subbrands or if you’re doing a brand refresh.

In this article, we explore how you can use Styles to personalize the visual design of your courses.

What is the Styles feature?

The Styles feature enables you to quickly control the branding of all your courses at once. For example, you can create a Style with specific colors, fonts, and logos to reflect your brand or subbrand, or even create custom Styles for courses that you want to give a unique visual identity to.

styles feature rebranding

Elucidat has some Example Styles to start you off, but you can easily create your own to help you build courses that truly reflect your organization.

Why is it important to have a tailored brand experience?

  • Employees want to feel like the training they’re taking is catering to their needs within the company. Without a branded look and feel, a course risks feeling more ‘off the shelf’. Even if the content is tailored to the company’s values, generic visuals can make it feel like a course isn’t targeting the learner’s needs within the organization. Adding a custom Style is an easy way to add a quick element of personalization.
  • Tailored Styles help your elearning to slot seamlessly alongside other content employees will be engaging with, such as internal campaigns or communications. By sharing the same visual identity you can be sure your elearning won’t feel jarring or out of place in the bigger internal comms picture.
  • Elearning is another area where you can reinforce your organization’s brand identity. Using Styles to brand your courses is an easy way to further embed the company voice and culture in employees’ minds.

4 ways Elucidat’s Styles feature will help you create a tailored brand experience

1. It enables you to design multiple Styles

There’s no need to keep to just one branded look and feel. In Elucidat you can create lots of different Styles to suit subbrands or specific course identities. These Styles can be applied to any project – no matter how different those visual Styles are.

design multiple brand styles

By having specific Styles ready to go for each of your subbrands, authors save crucial time that can be spent focussing on the content instead.

2. It’s quick and easy to create a subbrand Style

Got several subbrands to create elearning for? By using an existing Style as a base you can quickly and easily edit it to bring the subbrand to life. All you need to do is duplicate an existing Style and edit from there – enabling you to quickly create a new look and feel for a different business area or product.

duplicate brand styles

If you need something a bit more custom, you can use Elucidat’s quick step-by-step process to create a new Style from scratch.

3. Assigning a Style to a project is simple

You’ve got your suite of Brand Styles ready to go – now it’s time to apply them to your projects. Each of your Styles will appear on the Start page, so any author can simply choose the one they want to apply to their project, and they’re ready to go!

assigning a brand styles

Top tip: Using a Learning Accelerator template to create your content? You can assign your branded Styles to any template to tailor the look and feel to your company.

4. You can update a Style to apply global changes

If your company is going through a rebrand you don’t need to let existing courses languish in old branding. It’s easy to push visual changes through to courses – for example, switching in a new logo or reflecting a color change. One quick Style edit is all that’s needed.

select edit brand styles

This update to the Style will apply across all projects, saving authors a huge amount of time. Authors will just need to re-release any live course to push out the change to learners.

Save time with branded Styles

Whether you’ve got multiple subbrands to navigate or an urgent rebrand to work with, the Styles feature makes visually tailoring courses quick and easy.

Once you’ve got to grips with Styles, you can take the tailoring even further by exploring Elucidat’s Variations feature. This gives you the option to localize content to suit different subbrands or business areas, for example, updating one course to US English and another to UK English.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the importance of visual design take a look at our recommendations for how to improve elearning UI.

Why not test this feature for yourself?

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Written by Debbie Hill

Debbie is an experienced design consultant with years of experience in the elearning industry. As part of the Elucidat Learning Consultancy team, Debbie supports clients with design concepts and coaching to take their learning content to the next level.

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