How to present text-heavy content in your elearning (Video & Example)

How can you turn that text-heavy PDF policy document, employee handbook or other resource material into something that’s easy to digest and engaging?  We go behind the scenes of an ebook style example in this “Designers Cut’ video to give you some tips and design ideas.


5 ideas to help make text-heavy content more digestible and engaging

1. Create a contents page with a short introduction that entices people to read more, and also allows them to easily find and navigate key chapters or sections.



2. Design scrolling pages so that the user can easily scan and look for relevant content, rather than having to continuously click through separate pages.

3. Balance consistency and variety in the design of your pages. Keep text and headings consistent, but also use columns, images and boxes to draw attention to certain areas.


4. Use page progress menus that allow users to skip to specific sections of the page, showing them what they’ve already covered, and what is still to come.


5. Encourage more active engagement with the content, for example, by providing space for making notes and recording actions.


Take a look at this ebook style example or get inspired from other elearning examples