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Faster than the speed of retail [PODCAST]

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How can you support the fast pace of change in retail L&D and empower your team to become experts? The VP of HR at Walgreens Boots Alliance shares his experience of 20 years in the retail industry.

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Reframing retail: Preparing for changes ahead

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Elevating the customer experience is on many retailer’s agendas this year. The role of the store is changing and L&D must adapt. So what should be your priorities and which strategies will work in 2020?

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10 Reasons Retail Needs An Authoring Tool

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With benefits such as scalability and cost-effectiveness,  more retail businesses are choosing to take control of the learning experience by introducing authoring tools into their learn tech stack.

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What do you think your share will be of the $28 trillion projected retail spend in 2020? And how can your learning strategies help you achieve more?

Tesco’s story

How do you train over 500,000 staff across multiple locations and languages, and still deliver improved bottom-line results? See how Tesco accomplish it.

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