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The what, why, and how of Advanced User Management [Product update]

3 minute read

Sam Windsor
By Sam Windsor

Head of Product Marketing


Elucidat’s latest feature hasn’t got the most exciting name, but we developed it for a very good reason. This powerful enhancement to the way our users manage their teams was developed using a combination of customer feedback, input and product research. 

As a result, there’s three exciting functions wrapped up in Advanced User Management. In this article, we’re taking a look at the what and why of each of these functions, plus how to get your hands on Advanced User Management.

Advanced User Management - The how and why

Creating your own roles

What is it?

Have you ever wished there was a role built specifically for one person? A team? Your boss?

Well, custom-fit permissions for your organization’s users are now a reality with Advanced User Management. You can create roles which fit your ways of working. Add or remove access to features on a granular level; whether you want to bring in an SME to purely write content, or Marketing as Brand Managers – you’re completely in control of the features and permissions your users access.

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 09.12.54

Why is it included?

We know that everyone works differently. Advanced User Management gives you the flexibility you need to fit Elucidat roles to the ones in your organization. 

Whether you adopt a centralized team structure, remote or crowdsourced – set up the roles, departments and folders you need to control how your team accesses the things they need to succeed. Creating custom roles means it doesn’t matter how you work – Elucidat works for and with, your business.

Editing default roles

What is it?

To give you the most flexibility possible, Advanced User Management not only lets you create your own roles – but edit the permissions attached to the default ones too.

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 09.13.03

For example, if your Authors are only in charge of populating learning content you can just give them permission to Authoring mode. Layout designers only need Layout mode. Reviewers might be in charge of final sign off for release. The choice is totally yours.

Why is it included?

Because your core roles are your most important ones, the ones which sit at the centre of your learning production. Being able to edit default roles means you can fully tailor the roles to the responsibilities in your team. 

Bulk user management

What is it?

Multi-add users to, and edit the users in, your account. Copy and paste the email addresses of a whole department, or select and change the role allocated to an entire set of users. Save hours of time, and combine with the Departments structure, to give select access to projects as required quickly and simply.

Screenshot 2020 10 13 at 09.35.21

Why is it included?

Adding and deleting users one at a time can result in hours of time spent administering your account. With bulk actions in Advanced User Management, you’ll be able to save that time and spend it on more important tasks. Plus, with an enhanced interface, you can be sure of which users you’re selecting to edit or remove. 

How do I get Advanced User Management?

If you have an Enterprise or Scale plan with us – great news! Advanced User Management is already available in your account. You’ll need to be an administrator to access, but if you are you can dive right in!

If you’re a customer not on the above plans, don’t worry. Whether you’re part way through your subscription, just started or about to renew, you can get Advanced User Management. Just fill in the form below and your Account Manager will be in touch to discuss the options you have. 

And if you’re not already a customer, fill in the form and our team will be in touch to understand more about your needs and book in a personalised demo of everything Elucidat can do.

Written by Sam Windsor

Sam works with teams across Elucidat to push forward our product marketing and define our message. Often referred to as the Elucidat 'guru', Sam always has his ear to the ground to ensure the company stays informed and up to date on shifting trends, events and best practice.

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