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Introducing Auto-Translate. Seamlessly translate content at the click of a button.

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Sam Windsor
By Sam Windsor

Head of Product Marketing


We’re excited to introduce Elucidat’s new Auto-Translate feature. Auto-Translate will enable you to translate your elearning content into 75 different languages at the click of a button. Powered by machine translation, Auto-Translate will save you time and money when you localize your elearning content.

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At Elucidat, we believe that elearning should be People-Centered. One of the components of people-centered learning is to make it widely available. It’s important to cater to all of your learners, and language barriers can hinder the learning experience for some employees. With Auto-Translate, you can now make your content more accessible to a wider audience.

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What is Auto-Translate?

Auto-Translate is a new Elucidat feature powered by machine translation. It allows you to translate your elearning content into 75 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese.

Users with Auto-Translate enabled, can simply choose their source and target language and within seconds, you’ll have a fully translated course. And with Elucidat’s adaptive features, you won’t need to resize or rejig components to accommodate the new text – Elucidat does it for you.

Our Auto-Translate feature uses a machine translation service that delivers more accurate and more natural-sounding translations by using deep learning models. Auto-Translate will allow you to dramatically reduce the effort it takes to translate elearning content. Courses translated using this feature can simply be reviewed by a translator for minor adjustments rather than outsourcing the whole translation, saving time and money.

Check out Auto-Translate in action below:

How does this benefit elearning creators?

Auto-Translate provides some clear benefits:

  • Saves time and effort – let Elucidat do the heavy lifting and, within seconds, translate all of your course content. Once translated, someone can review and sense check before releasing it to learners. Auto-Translate has the ability to reduce effort by 90% for learning teams.
  • Reach more learners – with content in learners’ first languages, you’ll increase engagement and be able to reach more people across your organization.
  • Be more people-centered – inclusivity matters within elearning design. By providing content in more languages, you can provide a better, more inclusive experience for your learners allowing them to learn in their own language.
  • Reduce translation costs – agency translation can be expensive, especially if you need to translate a lot of content into a lot of languages. Auto-Translate will enable you to reduce the number of translations you need to outsource to agencies, reducing costs significantly.

“Auto-Translate will be a game changer. We had scheduled a whole quarter for us to get this course translated into 26 languages! Now with Elucidat we can do it in 10 minutes.”
– A Global Drinks Brand

Try it for yourself

Auto-Translate is available to any customer of Elucidat as an add-on to your subscription. If you’re an Elucidat customer and interested in learning more about Auto-Translate, reach out to your Account Manager.

If you’re not an Elucidat customer already, but would like to know more, why not book a demo?


Auto-Translate is a powerful new feature from Elucidat that allows you to translate your elearning content into 75 languages at the click of a button. Auto-Translate will help you:

  • Save time and effort
  • Reach more learners
  • Be more people-centered
  • Reduce translation costs

At Elucidat, we believe that all learning should be people-centered. It’s important to ensure inclusivity, and our new Auto-Translate feature will enable you to reach more learners, with content in their own language.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to learn more about Auto-Translate.

Written by Sam Windsor

Sam works with teams across Elucidat to push forward our product marketing and define our message. Often referred to as the Elucidat 'guru', Sam always has his ear to the ground to ensure the company stays informed and up to date on shifting trends, events and best practice.

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