Elearning Translation Is Easy: C’est Facile, On Lihtne!

So, you need to translate your elearning content into multiple languages? But your content changes and needs updating over time…multi-version nightmare? We’ve got you covered!


Using Master courses in Elucidat you can create multi-language versions of your elearning content. You can make global changes in one place, and they’ll feed through into all your versions. Nutikas!

Is it really that simple?

Well, yes. You simply create a Master course and then create multiple projects based on the Master: one for each language. Here’s how we set up our French version of our course:


Translating the text

Then, within the project, you go to the Configure menu, select Translation and choose which file type you’d like to export.


Hand this file to your translation partners, and they’ll populate it with the French version.


You then simply upload this into your project, via the Translation tab again. Et voilà!
(Or, in English, the slightly less fetching “There it is!”).

3 big benefits to Elucidat’s elearning translation solution

1. Track Analytics, globally

If you have not yet read up on our amazing Analytics feature, where you can look to your dashboards and be data-led about your projects, check out our related articles here.


Basically, Analytics lets you tap into a gold mine of information on your users: where they are, how long they spent, what device they used, where they leave, as well as how they answered each question. With an upgrade, you can even trace each learner’s journey.

When it comes to projects that have multi-language versions, you have that magic Master course set up—your Analytics reports will be global.

2. Make quick changes, in one place

Some say change is the only constant, and don’t we know it all too well. It’s often for good reasons, too. See that lots of learners are struggling with a specific question? Add a process image that will help them answer it. User feedback tells you they want to be able to access case studies from the menu? Change the structure so they can. Compliance laws change? Get on it.

Whatever you do in the Master course will directly update the language versions. And with our Rapid Release system, it only takes a minute.

As they say in Hawaii: kupaianaha!

3. And localize and tailor each project


Of course, you can also easily change one of your language versions, and this won’t affect the Master course or other language versions.

So if a case study needs localizing for your Japanese version, you can swap out the content and imagery as needed, within that project. If your Netherlands office has a different brand, no problem. Just use Styles to set a different visual tone for each one.

Our smart solution lets you decide on what changes to make globally, and what to amend locally.

Three key bonuses to making mobile ready learning—for everyone!

Take it further

For more details, take a look at this fantastic video created by our support guru, Joe.

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