How to create multi-language elearning content [video]

Making your elearning more widely available makes a whole lot of sense. But, actually creating and managing content in multiple languages can seem as daunting as an Atlantic crossing! We delved into this topic in a recent webinar to look at why it’s worth the effort and the smart workflows that make creating multi-language elearning a far smoother journey.

Watch the recording:

How to create multi-language elearning content


In this webinar video Georgie Cooke and Joe Burns share insight into:

  • Why multi-language elearning is important
  • The benefits that translating elearning can bring to your business
  • A working example of a translated elearning
  • How to create multi-language elearning experiences with Elucidat

Thinking about translating your elearning into multiple languages? Here are some useful resources to help:

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