A people-centered vision for the future of elearning (slides + video)

Data from millions of learners, insight from industry leaders and the testing of ideas in hundreds of projects has revealed the recipe for the most successful elearning projects. Catch up on Simon Greany’s webinar, in which he explored the 6 principles of people-centered elearning and made recommendations for how you can deliver more real-life impact. Check out the 20-minute video and explore the slide deck below!


Watch Simon’s 20-minute video to get:

  • Insight into the six fundamental principles of people-centered elearning
  • Surprising stats about where your team might currently be missing the mark
  • Actionable ideas and tips for how you can deliver greater real-life impact through your elearning

6 pillars pce diagram

Underlying everything we do here at Elucidat is a motivation to support better workplace learning. From our research, it’s become really clear to us that being people-centered is fundamental to success.

To turn this vision into something more actionable and concrete, we’ve identified six principles that underpin the most successful elearning projects.


The slide deck: People-centered elearning


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