Kirstie Greany

Elucidat Learning & Performance Consultant

Kirstie is an experienced, creative learning and performance consultant who specializes in design strategy and digital experience design. She has over 15 years of experience in the L&D industry and has helped numerous departments create award-winning digital experiences. 

Kirstie specializes in digital and blended solutions, with expertise in best practice prototypes, learning strategy, reviews, and much more. 

Prior to Elucidat, Kirstie worked with some of the biggest names in the training industry including Kineo. 


Tackling the learning content dilemma with a new model

Faced with increasing training demand and more strategic responsibilities than ever before, L&D is feeling the pressure. Hear how Heather Gilmartin Adams, Senior Analyst at RedThread Research, is helping L&D teams understand that they don’t have to tackle the learning content dilemma alone. Find out why this requires a big mindset shift and a new […]

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Branded training: why keeping your resources on brand is essential

Branded training is an easy thing for L&D teams to overlook. Between identifying opportunities for training and creating laser-focused learning, the visual side of things can get lost by the wayside. However, implementing branding within your elearning is more important than you may think. Think of how much time and effort your organization puts into […]

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Embedding democratized learning creation at Aviva

L&D are under increased pressure to deliver more with less. Hear how David Hepworth, Learning & Talent – Design and Technology Lead at Aviva, is meeting this challenge with democratized learning creation. Discover how to get alignment across your organization on this learning strategy and find out why being future-focused and respecting people’s time is […]

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Continuous learning strategies that work at scale

The skills and knowledge businesses need to succeed are constantly evolving. If you’re going to keep up, learning and development needs to be an ongoing process. But what does this involve? Hear how Jason Flynn, Global Head of Learning at GfK, has developed continuous learning strategies that work at scale. Explore how building flexible learning […]

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How to create effective microlearning (5 examples and video)

Microlearning can be an effective way to deliver learning in short bursts that fits with learners’ needs and busy schedules. But is shorter elearning always better? Find out exactly how to create microlearning that is engaging and easily digestible, yet still creates a learning impact. Watch the webinar recording to find out why learners respond […]

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10 best elearning examples to inspire you in 2022

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best elearning examples – each perfect for different goals and audiences – to give you fresh ideas for how to engage your audience in 2022. We support hundreds of elearning projects across all of our customers. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that each one is unique. […]

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Rethinking learner engagement to deliver real impact

Learning doesn’t exist in a bubble. From daily tasks to urgent deadlines, lots of things are competing for employees’ time. So, how can you get their attention and create real business impact? Hear how Zsolt Olah, Senior Learning Technologist at Amazon, is rethinking end user engagement. Explore how to dig deeper so engagement translates into […]

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Leading with purpose through thoughtful L&D

Digital learning has been key to helping employees and businesses adapt over the last few years. Due to their critical input, L&D teams find themselves in an exciting position. Hear how Stella Lee, founder of Paradox Learning, wants everyone to grasp the opportunity of greater influence to lead with purpose. Explore how to be a […]

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Taking a ‘one size fits one’ approach to L&D

One size doesn’t have to fit all when it comes to learning at scale. Hear how Brandon Carson, Vice President, Learning and Leadership Partner, has been personalizing learning for 2 million people at Walmart. Find out why it’s important not to be intimidated by scale. Discover how you can take an adaptive approach to give […]

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Top L&D books for ambitious learning leaders

What are the best Learning and Development books to keep you a step ahead in your career? We’ve asked some of the biggest names in L&D on the Learning at Large Podcast for their book recommendations! Read on for the ultimate list of top L&D books that all learning leaders should read. Top 10 L&D […]

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Think like a marketer to drive L&D impact

From work deadlines to pressures at home, lots of things are vying for your employees’ attention. If learning is going to be effective, you need to grab their interest and keep it. Hear how Ashley Sinclair, Managing Director at MAAS Marketing, uses marketing techniques to deliver this impact. Find out why focusing on human beings […]

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3 smart ways customers check the quality of their elearning

You think you’ve created a great elearning course – but can you be sure? Quality reviews are a crucial step of any successful elearning development process. They’re the best way to confirm your course is truly meeting your project goals, creating ROI and providing an engaging, on-brand learning experience. Read on to discover our top […]

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Bite-Sized Learning Guide: Tips, Benefits & Importance

Bite-sized elearning modules are small, self-contained information nuggets. They typically range in duration from 1 to 15 minutes and are usually focused on one or two tightly defined learning objectives. Here are a few examples. In contrast, more conventional elearning modules can take between 30 and 60 minutes (or longer) to consume and have a […]

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Reinventing blended learning for the new ways we work

The pandemic has transformed our ways of working. Whether remote or socially distanced, the new ways we work require a change of approach for L&D. The dust has settled on last year’s leap to digital learning. Now, it’s time to rethink what modes of learning work best. In this blog, you’ll find out how flexible […]

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Top 5 books every elearning designer should read

We’ve pulled together the top five books every elearning designer should read, with help from our Elucidat community. These five books cover all the bases, from how people learn, to what makes learning and habits stick, and how to design with these elements in mind. All these books are pacy, practical, and actionable. Whether you’re […]

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